Daily Westie

I love Cassie’s and my dog Gordon, and I have the photos on my phone to prove it. But I miss my ex-dog Shuggie so much it hurts sometimes. He’s happy living with London with his “mummy” so I know he’s loved. To help soothe the pain, I subscribe to the RSS feed of all… Continue reading Daily Westie

Happy 3rd Birthday Shuggie

Today is my ex-dog’s birthday. He was born in 2005, and since then he has grown from a tiny ball of fuzz into a strapping young lad, as you will see below. Since getting him, Mairi and I have split up, and he has gone with his ‘mummy’ but I still see a lot of… Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday Shuggie

Shuggie’s Cake

Shuggies birthday cake – he was two years old This is moment he singed his hair… The birthday boy, his cake and his present, Mr Ropey Lion. no mercy – singed hair All gone – including the paper (he’s OK) After a request for information about Shuggie’s cake, as seen above, here’s the recipe, using… Continue reading Shuggie’s Cake

Is It A Horse?

Part 2 in the ‘Unusual Breeds on Tooting Bec Common’ series While out walking Shuggie on the Common, we keep coming across the more unusual breeds of dog. We ran in to a Malamute a few weeks back, and then this week, while enjoying the sunshine and the smell of the damp grass, and avoiding… Continue reading Is It A Horse?

Shuggie Has It In For His Paw

He’s done it again! He got a grass seed in his paw. Now this isn’t normally a problem, because we just hold him down, snip away the fur, and get it out with tweezers, if it isn’t actually stuck in him too much. But not this time, oh no. This time the seed got right… Continue reading Shuggie Has It In For His Paw

Shuggie On The Radio(ish)

On 29 June, the Today programme had a feature on the names people give their pet dogs. They asked for people to email them a photo of the dog, and an explanation of why that name was chosen. They finally put Shuggie up. The Editor of the programme was a bit perturbed by the number… Continue reading Shuggie On The Radio(ish)

Shuggie in Action

Just to show you what he can be like, here are some pics of Shug in better health. Shuggie wondering where the duck went Shuggie relaxing Shuggie & Mairi Shuggie asleep on my bed

Shuggie Hides When Sick

Shuggie has been under the weather. Because I was off last week, doing the Arturo Ui, I was looking after him. One day he disappeared. I looked everywhere, and eventually found him hiding in this box under the bed in the spare room, where he rarely goes. Aww. Shuggie hiding away when ill

They Call Him Shuggie

When walking the mutt, it’s often the case that when you get chatting with other dog owners and people in general, they ask the name of the dog. Me: “Shuggie.” Fool: “Shoogie?” Me: “No, Shuggie.” Fool: “Shaggy?” Me: “Shuggie.” Fool: “What does it mean?” Me: “In Scotland, men with the first name ‘Hugh’ get the… Continue reading They Call Him Shuggie