Stay Hungry

I nearly called this post Pumping Irony, but that would have been shite. Instead, I’m making a reference to an early film starring the Governor of the united state I live in. When I told Friend M that I was going to a gym, she responded Gym??? Gym??????????? What ever next – nail bar? Exactly… Continue reading Stay Hungry

They Call Me Loathsome

Cassie and I have been to a few movies recently, and we’ve been horrified to be forced to sit through this song and advert for the National Guard, sung by the UK number one artiste Kid Rock. It’s a full-length song, with an accompanying video showing what heroes the US National Guard are. The song… Continue reading They Call Me Loathsome

One-Way Ticket To LAX

~ Ancient history, from notes found on my laptop. This dates back to June 7th 2008, when I flew to the New World from my Old. ~ Waiting around in Heathrow, having cruised through bag drop, security, passport control and bought far too much duty free stuff, including the biggest bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Cassie… Continue reading One-Way Ticket To LAX

Try Not To Forget

Today is obviously a big day in the news here in the US. In New York, all the names of the people who died in the 11 September attacks are being read out, with pauses at the moments when the planes hit and the later when the towers collapsed. The area around the Civic Center… Continue reading Try Not To Forget

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My American Fellows

Danny O’Brien describes his reaction to the current showbiz extravaganza that is the Democratic National Convention. I don’t really like writing about politics here, because I’m too inarticulate (basically I’m a Euston Manifesto type of guy, with all the “yes, but how?” vagueness that entails). But as an Englishman now living in San Diego, I’m… Continue reading My American Fellows

Yay To Freedom – July 4 2008

 Now that the 4th of August has passed, it’s probably time to write about the 4th of July. Photos here. Cassie came down to SD with Gordon, and we went across town to Coronado, where her brother Don and his family had rented a marina house, complete with yacht, waverunners, terrace and all mod cons!… Continue reading Yay To Freedom – July 4 2008

Rolling In My 1.2

One thing I really can’t get away from now is the need for a car. I can have all sorts of noble intentions about trimming the fat, running a tight ship and reducing consumption, but in the end I would starve if I didn’t have in my possession the keys to a ton and a… Continue reading Rolling In My 1.2

How Are We Doing So Far, Y’all?

In a couple of days time, I will have been living in the US for two months. Every time people ask me in emails or on the phone (thanks Si), “How’s it going?”, I have to tell them that I’m still settling in. Lots to do. Forms to fill in (or “out”). This chap has… Continue reading How Are We Doing So Far, Y’all?

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The Perfect Surprise

So as I was saying, on my birthday proper I went for a nice dinner with Cassie. We also planned to have dinner again, at a nicer place, on the following Friday. The plan was to let LA know I was here. Turns out they already knew. Cassie told me that we would have a… Continue reading The Perfect Surprise

Half A Ton Of My Life On The Ocean Wave

As part of the move to the US, I had a load of stuff shipped to my new flat in San Diego. The shipping company have said it won’t arrive for another couple of weeks, which is fair enough I suppose. In the crazy modern world it’s funny to have to wait 5 weeks to… Continue reading Half A Ton Of My Life On The Ocean Wave