Green Carded

I got my Green Card! Or at least, I have a piece of paper that says I have been granted my request for change in Permanent Resident Status, and that I should receive my card in the next couple of weeks. Cassie and I went to the USCIS building on Washington and Sansome, where we… Continue reading Green Carded

Catalina Birthday Express, April 2009

My quest to visit every place associated with a Will Ferrell film continues. I live in San Diego (discovered by the Germans, who called it San Diago, apparently), and for Cassie’s birthday we went to Catalina, home of course to the f*ckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer. I’d never heard of the place until seeing that movie,… Continue reading Catalina Birthday Express, April 2009

The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 3

US UK Blanket duvet / quilt Quilt thin quilted cover with design on it like they used to make. Sheet Sheet Sherbet Sorbet Fizzy sweet powder Sherbet Comforter thin duvet Flan Creme Caramel pudding like what used to make me cat up when I was a kid. Pudding Blancmange Dessert Pudding

Giving Thanks To Vegas

Late November, 2008. It was my first American Thanksgiving weekend, and it was my best ever. Cassie’s parents live in Las Vegas, in a nice gated community called Spanish Trail. In the few years they’ve been there, Cassie’s Dad has already got himself elected as the President of the Residents Association (or something). He calls himself the “King”, but no-one else does… Continue reading Giving Thanks To Vegas

Region Free DVD?

When I came over to the US, I had a bunch of stuff shipped, including my (small and predictable) DVD collection and my Panasonic DVD recorder. This had been unlocked to be region-free, so I could play legally imported titles, such as Battle Beyond The Stars, with the terrible yet strangely compelling Sybil Danning. After… Continue reading Region Free DVD?

The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 2

UPDATE: This is all being moved to a dedicated page, where I will continue to document the differences. The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 1 Key: = pretty much equal to ~= similar to /= not equal to CVS = Boots Rite Aid ~= (a slightly shabby) Boots Walgreens = Boots Target ~= what… Continue reading The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 2

The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 1

Here’s my ongoing project to spot which US products are like which UK products, because it has never been done before anywhere, in slim humorous books or elsewhere. These are my observations as and when I think of them, so don’t expect completeness or accuracy, or indeed entertainment. Keep your expectations low, is what I’m… Continue reading The Same But Different, UK-US Differences Part 1

Yes, But Who Is He?

While driving back to LA from Las Vegas after Thanksgiving, a process which took a lot longer than usual due to the holiday, we tried listening to the local AM stations for traffic news. Along with sparse info along the lines of “This traffic is normal for Thanksgiving Weekend, suck it up” we also heard… Continue reading Yes, But Who Is He?

Status Of Missing

So, how is the great experiment doing? Am I missing the country of my birth? A little. I miss my ex-dog quite a lot. My Google Reader feed of all Flickr photos tagged “westie” is either helping or not helping. I miss my good friends. I didn’t have such a huge circle. My brother and sister are up… Continue reading Status Of Missing


I’ve not said much about the US election campaign swirling around me in my first few months living in the US. I’ve not felt confident enough to express my hopes. If you talk to me, I’ll explain who I wanted to win. But here, I don’t know - I think there are so many political commenters,… Continue reading Result