2 Gents

On a more positive note (“La!”), I went to see my pals, the Carlton Dramatic Society, in the new adaptation of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Bollywood dances, comic interludes, a scene- and hat-stealing dog, great original music and fantastic costumes combined to make a wonderfully enjoyable evening’s entertainment. The set was innovative and flexible, and… Continue reading 2 Gents

Some Day I’ll Flyer Away

Ah well, back to work. Nice weekend though, relaxing and constructive in equal measure. Finally got this site going a bit more, for one thing. The ‘Two Gents’ flyers are ordered and on their way, so that’s a tick in a box. BTW, sorry about the myriad popups that the Carlton site gives you –… Continue reading Some Day I’ll Flyer Away


Yesterday I got asked by JG at Carlton to do the posters for the next show, Two Gentlemen of Verona. It’s nice to feel wanted! Watch this space for the results of my efforts. It’ll be based on the original PC artwork, cleaned up, chopped up, and placed in a Xara doc. Let’s hope it… Continue reading ‘Commission’!

Two Gents Flyer Done…

…and viewable at The Carlton Dramatic Society’s next production page. Nifty artwork from Pippa, hastily thrown together by yours truly. [edit: No longer visible until Two Gents review page finished. Watch this space.] [edit: Now up again! See here]

Two Gents Poster

Well, the poster is done and it’s on the website. Went along to rehearsals last night – people are stressing over the change of venue, the bringing forward of dates, and various bits and pieces. I hope they’re all OK. I was given a set of the photos from my birthday party back in June… Continue reading Two Gents Poster