Gold Star For Effort

What does the hotel star system mean? Where is it defined? A while back, in Edinburgh, I stayed in two hotels, opposite each other, both with the same number of stars. So, they both had en-suite, coffee & tea, TV etc. One had a faux-marble bathroom with power shower, sweeping red-carpeted stairs, and hot chocolate… Continue reading Gold Star For Effort

My Trip To France

Just got back from a very nice long weekend in Lille, in Flemish France. Travelled on the Eurostar, first time for me. So I was rather thrilled when we cruised past the flat Kent countryside, then plunged into the dark for 20 minutes, and emerged into a landscape almost exactly the same, except for the… Continue reading My Trip To France

My Baby Takes The Morning Train

There’s a small problem with trying to get a good view fromĀ Blackfriars bridgeĀ at 8.45am, and that is the trains. There you are, nicely seated, while around you people jostle in that wonderfully English way, without actually touching. The opening bars of “Good Times” byĀ SpiritualizedĀ is playing on the oldĀ MDĀ (single version, ta very much), the mist is… Continue reading My Baby Takes The Morning Train

Look At Choo Choo

I was getting the train home the other day, waiting at Kings Cross Thameslink, watching the mice on the tracks. The train I wanted was delayed by about 20 minutes. Oh well. When it arrived, everyone squeezes on, but I manage to get a seat. We trundle off to Farringdon, then we sit there for… Continue reading Look At Choo Choo

Back In Blighty

Well, here we are back in the good old 51st state. We had a great time in Scotland, first in Dundee, Mairi’s birthplace, and then in a quiet-now-the-festival’s-finished Edinburgh. Dundee was an experience for me, never having been before. Had a tour of the old haunts, primary school, the beautiful, burned-to-the-ground but now being restored… Continue reading Back In Blighty