Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 2

See Part 1 here. Inspired by Flesh’s new Acer Aspire One, I decided to have another go at getting Ubuntu on my EeePC. This thing is now a bit old by netbook standards, being a first-generation 700, but it still makes me smile. I’d had some problems getting Unetbootin to run on the EeePC, something… Continue reading Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 2

San Diego Comic Con 2008 – Photos

About time too. Still need to get round to writing about it, but here are the photos.

Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time

Went to a San Diego Geek Bonfire last night, organised by Mitch Wagner of Information Week, and Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker (which I comment on sometimes). We met at one of the concrete fire pits provided by the city in this lovely little cove. When I arrived, there were already a bunch of people… Continue reading Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time

Whither the Micronauts

Neatorama has this funny┬ápost about this guy in the US who has modded his Honda Gold Wing motorbike┬áto look like a miniature F15 all-weather tactical fighter jet. It looks amazing, but to me it looked like a toy I had as a kid – the Micronauts Photon Sled. It brought the memories back, I can… Continue reading Whither the Micronauts

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Hipster PDA Mini – A Cry For Help

Now that I’m a member of the IEE, I had to have some new business cards printed. These are exactly the same as my old business cards, except they have the letters ‘MIEE’ after my name. Oh, and the fax number is now correct – thank goodness! Seeing as I give out business cards at… Continue reading Hipster PDA Mini – A Cry For Help

My Gadgets

No real reason for this post, other than the fact that I have these objects lined up on my desk at the moment, so I thought I’d describe them. Palm Tungsten E PDA More details here. I love this thing. It’s slim, powerful enough for me, and does lots of things in a small package.… Continue reading My Gadgets

Book Of Dreams

Bill Bailey calls the in-store Argos catalogue the ‘Laminated Book Of Dreams’. With my birthday coming up in June, why not take a look at these catalogues full of lovely things… Manufactum – fantastic items, traditional materials Screwfix – more tools than you’ll ever use, the next day! Muji – cool simple household gear Novatech… Continue reading Book Of Dreams

Palm Tungsten E Lego Sync And Charge Cradle

I’ve had my Palm Tungsten E PDA for about 6 months now, and it’s great. I got it 2nd hand off Ebay, and it’s given me no trouble. Here’s what I do with it… (read on, it’ll be worth it!) I keep all my contacts, calendar, and tasks synced with my home PC, and backed… Continue reading Palm Tungsten E Lego Sync And Charge Cradle

Amaztype – Typographic Book Search

This is way cool. Head on over here, select your locale (.co.uk for me), select your media type (I’ve been doing music), enter some search terms, select author/artist or title, and off you go. What happens then is that this nifty little page goes off to the Amazon database, grabs all the images that match… Continue reading Amaztype – Typographic Book Search

Psion Siena DUCT-Xtreme Skinflint Casemod

Avoiding spending money on a new PDA! Take that, consumerism! Rar! Why spend money on a new PDA when you can spend it on gaffer tape? And then on a new PDA? There’s a lot of sites out there which describe how the owners of high-end computer systems strive to make them even faster and… Continue reading Psion Siena DUCT-Xtreme Skinflint Casemod