Welcome To The Future

I’m posting this using my new HTC Incredible Android phone, which I received on Friday and spent the weekend playing around with. It’s already overloaded with apps and nonsense,which I will no doubt remove soon. This WordPress app is good though. I’m typing on the on-screen keyboard with the phone propped on my wallet to… Continue reading Welcome To The Future

Razorblade Kisses

This post was floating around in my drafts for ages. Then recently I’ve just got around to sorting out my photos, so the attending slide show is ready. I’m not your regular hairy bloke. That’s not to say that I’m an ethereal blonde-eyelashed Eloi, but I definitely have trouble growing a beard. When things of… Continue reading Razorblade Kisses

Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

I seem to be following these things around. When I lived in San Diego, I was able to go to ComicCon twice, and now in San Francisco we have WonderCon, run by the same people, but a bit smaller and mellower, as it turns out. Of course, my buddy Brian, being a makeup artist and… Continue reading Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

Downscaling My IT Operations

My desktop computer has been playing up for a while. After it was shipped to the US, I managed to blow the power supply because I didn’t know it was non-auto-switched. I got the PSU replaced, but like someone’s back after a minor rear-end collision, things were never really the same again, Doc, just sign… Continue reading Downscaling My IT Operations

On The Phone With Apple, Windows Help (iWoe Part 3)

I arranged a support call with Apple about my iPod woes. I filled in the form online, then I got a call from Texas straightaway, and I was connected with an agent. The options only let you choose Mac or Windows, so I had to explain the fact I’m on Linux in the little comment… Continue reading On The Phone With Apple, Windows Help (iWoe Part 3)

Restore An iPod Without Windows, iTunes Or A Net Connection

This is a continuation of an earlier post about getting music onto my iPod in Linux. After all the to-ing and fro-ing with various music software, my iPod went a bit strange. It showed all my music files on there, with album art where I had added it. But if I tried to play a… Continue reading Restore An iPod Without Windows, iTunes Or A Net Connection

Songbird, Amarok, Ubuntu and iPods

This is a marathon rambling one about iPods, MP3s and my struggles to get the two together. It’s been sitting in my Drafts folder for ages, and recent events have made me finish and publish it. When I first got an iPod (white 20GB color model in 2004), I was still running Windows on my… Continue reading Songbird, Amarok, Ubuntu and iPods

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

There’s lots of talk about Twitter at the moment, so here’s my two cents worth penny’s worth one Expat Trading Token’s worth. I like it, I use it. If you don’t like it or don’t use it, fine. End of. “It sounds stupid” – OK, don’t use it. You’re probably right, and we’ll all thank you when… Continue reading Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 4 – An Ending?

The story so far: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 After the events of Part 3, I went to CVS and bought a $14.99 1GB USB stick in the shape of a panda. I had a choice of panda, tiger, or frog, or SanDisk Cruser infected with U3, and of course I wanted to avoid… Continue reading Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 4 – An Ending?

Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 3 – The Sickening

The story so far: Part 1, Part 2 Charlie Stross, a sci-fi writer of some regard, talks about installing a new Linux OS on his Asus netbook, and again I am inspired to give it another go. Where was I? Unetbootin woulnd’t work, that was it. So just to confirm I gave it another try,… Continue reading Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 3 – The Sickening