Sweaty Greeks

Thursday. Audience = 20. This is one those liveblogging things where I’m typing backstage, while Tiresias applies her Amy Winehouse eye makeup, and on stage Oedipus and Jocasta discuss the stories that will soon intertwine to reveal their terrible fate. Not exactly liveblogging, because this won’t hit the web until later, but kinda. My first… Continue reading Sweaty Greeks

We’re Surrounded!

Saturday 3 May. Audience: 20 / 20ish. A matinee performance where the audience outnumbered the cast? Unthinkable. But there we were, with people… looking at us… on all sides. Despite this unforeseen hiccup, the first performance was good with lots of energy. I think I saw the fabled Man of Wimbledon, with his harrumphing and stretching,… Continue reading We’re Surrounded!

Is There A Shepherd In The House?

Thursday 1 May Audience – about 8 “Does anyone know the herdsman?” I have one reasonable-sized speech in the play, explaining why Creon wouldn’t want Oedipus’ position. I (Creon) point out that I could have grabbed the top job when it was empty, but I didn’t want it. “Where is the herdsman?” Except that I didn’t… Continue reading Is There A Shepherd In The House?

Thebans On Resonance FM

On Sunday, Gareth and Kali, who play Oedipus and Jocasta in my current production The Thebans, were interviewed by Claire Cooke on Resonance FM, and performed a live extract from the play. Listen here.

Second Performance Feat. Tumbleweeds

Wednesday 30th April  A morale-boosting rumour that the Ambassador’s-owned Studio is making a right mess of selling tickets. Here’s a selection: £30 a ticket! (wrong) The show started tonight (wrong) The show is called The Bans (wrong) The programme is in place now, at least. I made a typo in my biog, so I apparently… Continue reading Second Performance Feat. Tumbleweeds

The Case Of The Invisible Corpse

Tuesday 29 April  As first nights go, it wasn’t so bad. Audience was around the 10 mark, but appreciative. The problem with serious stuff is that you get very little feedback during the performance. In comedies, they hopefully laugh. Sometimes they even laugh at the bits you expect them to. But give them credit, because… Continue reading The Case Of The Invisible Corpse

A Bit Of Theatre Background

For those looking at this site for the first time (Welcome Thebans!), I have a database of the plays and stuff I’ve done over the years. I made it myself, so it’s a bit clunky, but it has entries for each play, each company and each venue. Take a look! Main Theatrical Menu – with links… Continue reading A Bit Of Theatre Background

Getting In And Getting On

Ah, the get-in. I have talked about these before. This one was slightly different, in that I didn’t know my lines yet (haha yes I heard that). At least this time I had an excuse. However, by the end of the (very long) day, with the help of Julian, Georgina and Suzie, I was off-book… Continue reading Getting In And Getting On

See, Creon Approaches

Well, the metaphorical curtain goes up next Tuesday, and there’s a lot of work to be done in the meantime. Luckily, I’m only in one half of the show (Oedipus Rex and not Antigone) while everyone else is doubling up across the two halves. So when they were rehearsing Part 2 last night, I was… Continue reading See, Creon Approaches

First Glimpse Of Theban Gang

I went to my first rehearsal for Oedipus Rex yesterday. It was in the familiar William Morris rooms, and the director is well known to me. My friend D is also in the play, and it so happened I’d seen her the night before for a surprise birthday dinner in her honour. I’d got a… Continue reading First Glimpse Of Theban Gang