Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

An earlier post skirts around my problems getting my video repaired. It has now been returned, and it appears to work. That is, it plays without making squealing noises, and the picture doesn’t have stripes all over it. Unless I have the PC on, which pumps out EM pollution like it was practising to be… Continue reading Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

Video Repair Blues

I’ve got a video being repaired by Currys at the moment. It’s getting frustrating. I was going to go into details, but these links tell it all far more clearly – If only I’d listened… Dixons are shit – I found this by typing ‘Dixons are shit’ into Google. The Register (bless ’em) A Blog… Continue reading Video Repair Blues

Aww Cute

Ferry Halim has some great games here. Some are pretty hard, some are quite simple, but they all look fantastic. My favourite is the flying saucer videoing game.