Hippie Barf Day

Despite my birthday not being until the 10th, I had a bit of a do on Saturday 5th (coincidentally, my Dad’s 75th birthday). And despite me being shit at contacting people (a charming trait, rather than being intensely annoying, I assure you) lots of people turned out at the¬†Trafalgar¬†in Tooting. Thanks guys! It was great… Continue reading Hippie Barf Day

Brockley Unplugged

A friends birthday (hope you had a nice one, Dave) took us to a pub in Brockley, SE15, on a Wednesday night. I’d only heard of the place before as one of the places Spike Milligans family lived in while he was off aiding Hitlers Downfall. Living in SW16 as I do, this involved a… Continue reading Brockley Unplugged

More Birthday Cheer Than You Could Shake An Expensive Stick At

Nice drinks and meal in posh Primrose Hill last nice for my lovely friend Mira (see first comment). The day after, I felt not so much hungover as FLEECED BLIND by the loaded denizens of this area. How posh? The yobs were wearing¬†real¬†Burberry caps, not market knock-offs. That’s how much. Mmm. A super evening all… Continue reading More Birthday Cheer Than You Could Shake An Expensive Stick At

Post Xmas Lulllllll

Well, we’re well and truly back in the swing of the saddle now, and the daily trip to Lovely Euston is back. S’pose I’ll tell you about Christmas. Well, Mairi and I zipped up to Bedford (the family seat) in car, with Xmas hits blasting from the stereo, and a boot full of presents. Nothing… Continue reading Post Xmas Lulllllll

Oh ‘Come’ Ye Merry Gentlemen (snigger)

On Saturday was the Carlton Christmas Party, organised by Ruth, with the help of a motley bunch of us. Once again it was a marvellous transformation of a crummy municipal room into glittering grotto of festive delights. It’s amazing what 20 metres of tinsel and red and green tablecloths can do. Add to the mix… Continue reading Oh ‘Come’ Ye Merry Gentlemen (snigger)

Try To Look Cool

Friday evening straight from work, grab a sandwich, then to Kick, a cafe bar with a late license in Shoreditch. The place has a real South American feel to it, peeling paint, bright colours and football tables. These last give the bar their name. Real heavy ones too – battered aluminium goals, heavy frames, beaten-up… Continue reading Try To Look Cool

The What-O-Sphere?

Last night’s seminar organised by spiked was pretty interesting. It was the first one of this kind of thing I’ve been to. My good friend Mira told me about it. We thought it would be a good insight into how this blogging is affecting publishing and online life, considering the fact that I’ve just started… Continue reading The What-O-Sphere?


Managed to partake in that quintessentially British pastime, Afternoon Tea, on Saturday. Mairi’s birthday is this week, so on Sat we went to Claridges. Fantastic time, very swish surroundings, all the sandwiches, scones and pastries you can eat, washed down with litres of tea. Great value, as long as you absolutely gorge yourself. Which I… Continue reading Yum