Oh, The Weather Outside Is Slightly Rainy…

I just had a very nice Christmassy weekend altogether. Saturday afternoon saw me trekking to Stoke Newington to see Mags and Gren and their new acquisition, sorry, arrival, Art, who’s now 4 weeks old, and looks it. Tiny little thing, swaddled up in a highly cool THX1138 / Logan’s Run-style tunic and cap. Ran into… Continue reading Oh, The Weather Outside Is Slightly Rainy…

Wedded Bliss-ters

“How do you get two whales in a Mini?” “Just go down the M4” Two whales/to Wales, geddit? Whatever. Works better if you say it. Saturday saw Mairi and I drive past Cardiff to Fonmon Castle to help James Derbyshire and Julia Boggio celebrate their nuptials. Big do, big castle, lots of food and drink,… Continue reading Wedded Bliss-ters

31st Birthday Pictures

Despite the fact I am now 33, I have just finished sorting out the pictures from my 31st birthday par-tay way back in 2003. Here’s the full horror of it all. None of the pictures have any comments or descriptions yet, because Flickr is blocked at my work, so I’ll have to wait until later… Continue reading 31st Birthday Pictures

33 Years And I Can’t Scratch An Itch…

Here are some things that people gave me to celebrate the Earth turning just one more time, and that I am still alive. Thank you very very much to all you guys! You Guys! You are the greatest! Guys! You Guys! You! Akira – DVD box set – watched a couple of trailers Ghost In… Continue reading 33 Years And I Can’t Scratch An Itch…

Hunter S Thompson 1937 – 2005, And Barbecues

Well waddya know. He went and shot himself. It made it into the Today program on Radio 4 in a minor way (“writer dies”), but the reaction on the net has been immense. Take Metafilter, for example. 240+ comments! It’s weird. I was at a barbecue on Saturday where the birthday boy (hope you had… Continue reading Hunter S Thompson 1937 – 2005, And Barbecues

Social En-titty

Category I – The Hub You’re a ‘people person’. Networking runs in your blood. Consequently, you can move through most social circles with ease. What Type of Social Entity are You? What utter balls.

When I’m On My Knees I’d Do Anything Just To Kick It

5.30. Bar Kick, Shoreditch High Street Katie’s Birthday. Place is still pretty quiet still at 5.30, plenty of seats and stools, but already the football tables (made by Sulpie) are the scenes of some friendly rivalry. Beer of the day (Super Bock from Portugal – website here – I’M IN FLASH HELL) has gone up… Continue reading When I’m On My Knees I’d Do Anything Just To Kick It

That Birthday Present List In Full…

and in no particular order… (to be expanded when I remember more – apologies to the offended) From Mairi History Book with Timelines David Cronenberg double-bill DVD: Rabid and Shivers Butterscotch sweeties Chocolate Lime sweeties Crystallized Ginger sweeties From Suzanne Various Moleskine notepads – enough to last a lifetime! From Robin and Ruth The 6ths… Continue reading That Birthday Present List In Full…

Chewing the Phat

Went out after work last night with my two good friends Robin and Gren, in “London’s Fashionable Soho”. It being my birthday on the 10th June and all. As usual, the conversation covered so much ground that I think it’ll be easier to list some links to subjects covered. Guys, correct me if I got… Continue reading Chewing the Phat

Yoorow Two Faasand And Fowah

There’s a sweepstake at work for the Euro 2004 football championships. Now, I don’t know anything about football, so I don’t know whether drawing Sweden is good or bad. “OK,” I was told. We’ll see. I stand to win about £30, so it would be nice. *cliche alert!* I do know enough to know that… Continue reading Yoorow Two Faasand And Fowah