Mistletoe & Lager

The X-mas social (Whirl? Flurry? Splurge? Merry-go-round?) season got under way in the last couple of weeks, although I’ve not really been feeling the love. Last year I was right in the mood, with happy walks around the busy shopping streets, and eager anticipation of a nice Christmas day in the flat with Mairi and… Continue reading Mistletoe & Lager

Another Monkey Meet

Met up with the Monkeyfilter peeps posse crew people last Monday, because a certain middleclasstool was visiting Europe on a Grand Tour. Another great time, meeting new people, having some beers and laughs. The Bedford-raised Plegmund was kind enough to take some extra flattering photos. As you can see, the double chin is coming on… Continue reading Another Monkey Meet

Some Kind Of Comedian

One of the Carltons most sought-after stars is a chap called Ian Ward, who has often been told that he should go a become a stand-up comedian. Well, he took the advice, and went and became one. I went to see him and several other acts a few weeks ago, at The Ship in Borough… Continue reading Some Kind Of Comedian


I’ve mentioned Daneeta Saft before – she and her cinematographer partner Patrick are in the (hopefully) final stages of editing their documentary Tokyo Cowboys. I met them a couple of weeks back for Daneeta’s birthday, where further evidence of their interesting and varied lives was presented. One thing I didn’t know was that Daneeta’s home… Continue reading Konichi-yeehaa!

Monkey Meetup Photographs

After last Thursdays Monkeyfilter London Meetup, I’m pleased to say that Mothninja has posted her myriad photographs of the evening. Just pop along to her Flickr page for the pics in all their glory. See! amusing faces. See! the beginnings of a double chin. Sadly though, you’ll also see from Mothninja’s later photos that her… Continue reading Monkey Meetup Photographs

Hello Monkeys

Last night I went to meet someone I’ve been communicating with over the Internet. I went to meet them in a small pub down a narrow back alleyway. No-one knew where I was, or when I was due home. I could well have disappeared, leaving only a blurry unflattering picture of me at a party,… Continue reading Hello Monkeys

Weekend Frolics In A Pub And The Rain

After being off sick on Friday (same symptoms as the others, it turns out) Saturday was a fresh start. Did my usual pottering around, did the washing up and put the washing on while listening to, and shouting at, Any Questions, took the dog up to Tooting Bec Common for a frolic in his new… Continue reading Weekend Frolics In A Pub And The Rain

Katy and Steve Nuptials, 2004

Yes, a bit late with this one, but I was sorting out my photos in Picasa, adding captions and tags, and realised that these are pretty nice photos of Mairi and I. Sadly the batteries in the camera ran out shortly after this, so there are none of the rest of the day. Twit. Matthew… Continue reading Katy and Steve Nuptials, 2004

I Stole Someone’s Food Whilst In Their House

You know how when you get a prescription from the doctor and it’s just a scribble, but the pharmacist knows what it says, and they give you the right stuff, except that these days the prescription is printed from a computer, so that piece of observational comedy is irrelevant? Well, when you order a takeaway… Continue reading I Stole Someone’s Food Whilst In Their House

An Excellent And Recuperative Weekend

Friday, wrote Mr Kipling, and having had a successful Friday at work, getting that report out, and having met acting cohort Kristen for Vietnamese lunch by Mornington Crescent, I decided to piss off home early. When I got home I took advantage of Mairi being away visiting family with the dog by having a big… Continue reading An Excellent And Recuperative Weekend