Photos Of Miracles

My lodger/roomie, Yusuf is a photographer by – not by trade, not yet. By what then, paying hobby? He takes pictures which go up on walls and in magazines and people pay for them and have them framed and hang them in their homes. Nice pictures too. I don’t know much about photography, but his… Continue reading Photos Of Miracles

Earache Gig: A Silver Mount Zion, Scala

In an effort to try and get out more and see more gigs, I crawled out of my jetlag to go and see A Silver Mount Zion And Tralala Orchestra at the Scala on Monday with Jimson and his neighbour, all three of us ex-members of The Lurking Fear some-conquering pub quiz team. We met in… Continue reading Earache Gig: A Silver Mount Zion, Scala

Minutes of meeting, Saturday 1 March 2008

I met James for a pint or x a few Saturdays ago, and we had the usual rambling, digressing, tangent-going-off-on, and thoroughly enjoyable and edifying discussion. Here are a few of the topics covered, in no order, but you may be able to see where threads link up. Noise Music Teleportation – Physical transferral or descriptive… Continue reading Minutes of meeting, Saturday 1 March 2008

More DAP Wars Results

“You join us for the next round of DAP Wars, here in a bar in Clapham. Your contestants, Matthew Petty and Robin Deacon, have met before, but sadly it’s always been amicable. We’re hoping for some ugly scenes here in Lambeth tonight.” This round dates back to 2006 as well. Look at me with my… Continue reading More DAP Wars Results

Country Life (well, Surrey)

After spending the night in Reading visiting all the fam-er-ly, I took the train home via Guildford, where I met Esther and Bill, their toddling boy Archie, and Mira and Matt at the Weyside Inn for a pub lunch. The place looked OK at first, we sat out on the [veranda? patio? deck?] and watched… Continue reading Country Life (well, Surrey)

I Am The Sea…

…You are a river You come to me I take you in I hate my parents. In the middle of a very busy week of getting up early, walking the dog and then catching an earlier train to work, it became clear I needed to go to Old Street and watch some people read excerpts… Continue reading I Am The Sea…

European Community

A couple of old friends from the days back in Flensburg came over to visit a couple of weekends back. I hadn’t seen Silke since 1997, when I popped up from work in Switzerland to see her in Heidelberg. Nicky I hadn’t seen since 1994 in Bad Oldesloe. So it was amazing to see them… Continue reading European Community

Make The Incision

The Royal College of Surgeons Hunterian Collection is open to the public and is a fantastic way of freaking yourself out, so where better to meet friends? Recently refurbished, it consists of several galleries, devoted to the body, instruments, diseases, oddities etc. I went along in February with my buddies Robin and Gren, as a… Continue reading Make The Incision

Music To Walk Home To

In this post I mentioned that “no-one I like or trust” would recommend U2 to me. This was proved on Wednesday evening when, over a pint and a man-chat with James, I let slip that I have a Phil Collins song on my iPod, and that I like it. It was the closest I’ve seen… Continue reading Music To Walk Home To

Specifying Democracy

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is a organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the issues surrounding privacy and civil liberties in the digital age. I’m one of the Founding 1000 supporters (hence the badge at top right) and on Tuesday I attended a screening of the HBO film Hacking Democracy, at the nicely-named Gustav Tuck… Continue reading Specifying Democracy