Tengo una resaca

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, a popular day of celebration in states with a large Mexican population. It’s the celebration of winning a battle against the French in the 1800’s – I am rather ignorant of that area of history and geography. When Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were surrounded by the Bolivian army,… Continue reading Tengo una resaca

Alex & Jason’s Wedding, Los Angeles, June 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to LA. Cassie went down more recently to sort stuff out for our wedding, but this time we were guests at someone else’s – our dear friends Alex and Jason. It was on a Friday, so I took the day off, and we made the well-worn trip… Continue reading Alex & Jason’s Wedding, Los Angeles, June 2011

I Thought I Was The Bally Table King

Cassie’s company had a team get-together at the Pacific Pinball Museum at Lucky JuJu in Alameda, and I was able to go along a bit later, after all the speeches, eat some pizza, drink a beer, and play some pinball. After leaving work I walked to the aptly-named Ferry Building, which is a 15-minute walk.… Continue reading I Thought I Was The Bally Table King

On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

~ Better¬†two months¬†late than never, that’s what I¬†always (have to) say. This¬†is one of those¬†summary-style posts that simply serve to let the folks back home know what I’ve been up to.¬†~¬† As is now tradition, Cassie and I started the Xmas season with a nice meal at LA Prime, at the top of the Hotel… Continue reading On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

There’s lots of talk about Twitter at the moment, so here’s my two cents worth¬†penny’s worth one Expat Trading Token’s worth. I like it, I use it. If you don’t like it or don’t use it, fine. End of. “It sounds stupid” – OK,¬†don’t use it. You’re probably right, and we’ll all thank you when… Continue reading Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

San Francisco, October 2008 – It Was A Trip

I’ve been doing a bit of zooming around the West Coast in the last few months. Back in mid-October√ā¬†(yes this is one of those “about time too” posts – the Xmas 2008 post is coming soon) was a nice trip up north. Thursday night after work I scuttled through the streets to catch the Surfliner… Continue reading San Francisco, October 2008 – It Was A Trip

Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time

Went to a San Diego Geek Bonfire last night, organised by Mitch Wagner of Information Week, and Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker (which I comment on sometimes). We met at one of the concrete fire pits provided by the city in this lovely little cove. When I arrived, there were already a bunch of people… Continue reading Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time

Yay To Freedom – July 4 2008

√ā¬†Now that the 4th of August has passed, it’s probably time to write about the 4th of July. Photos here. Cassie came down to SD with Gordon, and we went across town to Coronado, where her brother Don and his family had rented a marina house, complete with yacht, waverunners, terrace and all mod cons!… Continue reading Yay To Freedom – July 4 2008

It Was Full Of Comics And Toys

√ā¬†Now that I seem to live in San Diego (don’t quite know what happened there) it only seemed fair to go to the famous Comic Con at San Diego Convention Centre. Brian’s friend got us free weekend passes, which was very kind, and he is staying in my guest room for the weekend. Sadly I… Continue reading It Was Full Of Comics And Toys

The Perfect Surprise

So as I was saying, on my birthday proper I went for a nice dinner with Cassie. We also planned to have dinner again, at a nicer place, on the following Friday. The plan was to let LA know I was here. Turns out they already knew. Cassie told me that we would have a… Continue reading The Perfect Surprise