A Day In The Life Of The MC

From the archives, here is a short piece I wrote to be my biography in the program for an old improvisation show that I compere’d in Wimbledon a few years ago. See if you can spot the subtle references. ~~~ I live in Tooting, on Renmuir Street, on the 1st floor. My name is Matthew… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of The MC

Video Highlights

Sorry about the delay with this, but here is a video with highlights of Scriptless Wonder. Take a look! It was shot by a couple of ladies who came along from the UK Theatre Network, and by their own admission it’s pretty poor. But it gives you a good idea of the kind of lunacy… Continue reading Video Highlights


A quiet interlude before the heaving masses arrived. It was much more cheerful than this looks, honest. Picture courtesy of Ian Ward.

No-one Gives A Fuck What Benedict Nightingale Says

…to the extent that NOT ONE PERSON who came to see the show came as a result of his recommendation. How does that feel, Ben? Or can I call you Bendy?

That’s That

And that is also that as well. Over and done with, completely over. Finished. Done with. Over and finished. Done over and finished with. Over. Finished over with. Done. Scriptless Wonder, Benedict Nightingale’s #1 show for the week of 11-16 July 2006, has finished. In its place is a void, a shadow, a silence. I… Continue reading That’s That

Two Down…

…three to go. And it’s going very well so far. The theatre was more full last night than on Tuesday, so maybe that’s a trend that will continue. We’re not sure how much influence Mr Nightingales recommendation has had – no queues round the block yet. The teams have been very good, although the idea… Continue reading Two Down…

Here We Go

Get-in and Technical/Dress rehearsal tonight! Actually, there’s not much in the way of ‘getting-in’ to be done. We’ll use the lights just as they are, there’s no set, just a box of props, and the 100-piece orchestra are arriving at about 5 from Rio. What could possibly go wrong? As far as rehearsal is concerned,… Continue reading Here We Go

Oooohhhhh Shhhiiiiiiiitttt

Scriptless Wonder is on next week, and what appeared in the Times on Saturday, in the theatre pages of the culture magazine? I’m compering the #1 show in town! We’d better make it good…