We Had Kiss Chase Too

I remember playing football on the school field and using the concrete pillars in the brick wall at the edge of the field as goal posts. I remember the house on one side of the school where a witch lived. Nice run down of memories of his primary school by Phil Gyford. A lot of… Continue reading We Had Kiss Chase Too

The Old School Tie

The Put This On tie features our signature colors, red and white, in a tasteful design which is suitable for almost any outfit. via Put This On • The Put This On Club Tie Returns! Our initial run…. Amusingly similar to my Old (Middle) School Tie: OK, mine had the black in as well. Still… Continue reading The Old School Tie

The Ducks And The Slabs

Recently, gaming blog Kotaku had an interesting set of instructions to allow you to adapt videogame classics to be played in the playground. It reminded me of a game we used to play in the playground at my primary, Scott Lower School. In the playground there were these three large concrete slabs stuck in the… Continue reading The Ducks And The Slabs