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We Had Kiss Chase Too

I remember playing football on the school field and using the concrete pillars in the brick wall at the edge of the field as goal posts.

I remember the house on one side of the school where a witch lived.

Nice run down of memories of his primary school by Phil Gyford.

A lot of them sound very familiar. Concrete pillars of course featured in my own memories of primary school, and the house at the end of the road had a witch, or at least a Boo Radley analogue, living there.

The Old School Tie

The Put This On tie

The Put This On tie features our signature colors, red and white, in a tasteful design which is suitable for almost any outfit.

via Put This On • The Put This On Club Tie Returns! Our initial run….

Amusingly similar to my Old (Middle) School Tie:

Parkwood School Photo

Your author in 1981

OK, mine had the black in as well. Still pretty cool though. I had this tie for a long time, and wore it to a couple of those amusing “School Disco” things (albeit not the “official” one) but it was very short – almost too short to tie around my head as the evening wore on.

The Ducks And The Slabs

Recently, gaming blog Kotaku had an interesting set of instructions to allow you to adapt videogame classics to be played in the playground. It reminded me of a game we used to play in the playground at my primary, Scott Lower School.

In the playground there were these three large concrete slabs stuck in the playground. They were flat on one side, probably with painted circles and targets for throwing balls at. The other side had a sloped section at 45 degrees, which stuck out about two feet from the bottom. They were known as “The Slabs”, and from what I can see, they’re not there any more.

In the gender-polarized world of the 5-year-old, girls would play on one side of the slabs, and boys on the other, although there may have been some crossover. I doubt it involved me if there was. The girls used to do handstands against the side with the sloped part, and the boys would play something altogether more … sinister.

To the tune of When The Saints Go Marching In they would sing “When the Ducks Go Marching In”, and walk past the slab in a row. A lone kid with a tennis ball or a small toy ball would would throw the ball at the row of kids. If a kid was hit, they would be out, and they would stand with the thrower. If they weren’t hit, they would run around the slab and back for another pass.

Eventually, one person was running past the slab, as a group of children cheered them on and sang, while the thrower desperately tried to hit them with the tennis ball.

I think the ducks thing was referring to those old carnival games where you fired pellets to knock metal ducks over, as simulated in the video arcade classic, Carnival. Hence the Kotaku link.

OK, not so sinister. Anyway, it was either that or Kiss Chase (yuck!) or worse, Knicker Chase! Double yuck! (At least until eight or nine years later…)