More Binder Clip Hints And Tips?

Binder clips can also be used for: Holding wounds closed until the airlift arrives Holding eyes closed during scary movie scenes Holding eyes open during the Ludovico Technique Fun ear fashion Temporary rock-climbing carabiners seriously go on try it Holding sheets of paper together Male contraception “in a pinch” Add duct tape for a DIY… Continue reading More Binder Clip Hints And Tips?

A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

Cassie and I moved in together, at the same time moving north to San Francisco. Double whammy! Luckily, my company paid for the move, so we were able to sit back and relax as paid men boxed all our crap personal effects and loaded it onto trucks. They were amazingly quick, because they weren’t distracted… Continue reading A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

So I went to see Watchmen in San Diego with Cassie and house-guest Martin. Of course, I’d been looking forward to it greatly, being a fan of the book and of Alan Moore’s other work. I’m not some huge Moore scholar, but I loved Watchmen and V for Vendetta, and I’ve read some issues of… Continue reading Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

Heavy On The Magick

It was LA again a couple of weekends ago, because we had a few special things planned. Thursday evening I drove up as I often do, and as we couldn’t decide what to do for dinner, we just walked down the road to good old Dusty’s. Walking back up the hill with Cassie in the… Continue reading Heavy On The Magick

I Want My Money Back

Got up this morning, and before I could do anything else I had to put the heat on for the first time in my apartment. What the hell? I’ve been joking recently to friends back in the UK that it’s been so cold here that I had to roll my sleeves down. Now that Xmas is… Continue reading I Want My Money Back

November Beach Weekend

I’m now parking in the underground lot beneath my building, which cuts down on the time needed to get to work, and the amount of calories I burn to get from the car to my desk (uh-oh, gym tonight). My building has every convenience, it’s going to make life easy for me. It’s gonna be… Continue reading November Beach Weekend

Status Of Missing

So, how is the great experiment doing? Am I missing the country of my birth? A little. I miss my ex-dog quite a lot. My Google Reader feed of all Flickr photos tagged “westie” is either helping or not helping. I miss my good friends. I didn’t have such a huge circle. My brother and sister are up… Continue reading Status Of Missing

Stay Hungry

I nearly called this post Pumping Irony, but that would have been shite. Instead, I’m making a reference to an early film starring the Governor of the united state I live in. When I told Friend M that I was going to a gym, she responded Gym??? Gym??????????? What ever next – nail bar? Exactly… Continue reading Stay Hungry

Nick Cave, 4th & B, San Diego, 16 September 2008

This was the first gig I’ve been to in San Diego, at 4th & B, an old bank turned into a trendy wine bargig and club venue just a block away from my office on the way to the car park. So convenient, which is what matters the most when it comes to rock’n’roll, don’t… Continue reading Nick Cave, 4th & B, San Diego, 16 September 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008 – Photos

About time too. Still need to get round to writing about it, but here are the photos.