How 37-Year Olds Consume Media

By Matthew Petty (37 years and 2 months) This has been a bit of a thing recently (read: “about 3 weeks ago”), although my delay in posting this means I’ve missed the boatwagon a bit, but never mind eh? Caveat – the fact I disagreed with the previous attempts at this tells me to state… Continue reading How 37-Year Olds Consume Media

Bah Humbug – No That’s Too Strong

I did not want to emerge from my cocoon this morning. I have the clock radio on loud to encourage emergence, but I find that if I put my head under the covers, I can listen comfortably. I was up late last night wrapping presents, packing my suitcase and preparing the apartment to be left for a few days. I’m driving… Continue reading Bah Humbug – No That’s Too Strong


I’ve not said much about the US election campaign swirling around me in my first few months living in the US. I’ve not felt confident enough to express my hopes. If you talk to me, I’ll explain who I wanted to win. But here, I don’t know - I think there are so many political commenters,… Continue reading Result

I Got Your Tagline Right Here!

Tonight on Radio 4, in the 6.30 comedy slot, The Hudson and Pepperdine Show spews forth. It may be quite funny, but I won’t be listening after hearing the desperate ad spot over breakfast today. The two female perpetrators bicker about trying to find a tagline for their show, but keep using other advert taglines… Continue reading I Got Your Tagline Right Here!

London Gets The Olympics

I heard the happy shouts on Paddington station from my window. London wins something! Wonderful, I guess. Not much of a sports fan at all, but it’s still cool. And the celebrations begin! Unfortunately, this means lots of crappy comedians, and the kind of people who email PM on Radio 4, will be telling all… Continue reading London Gets The Olympics

Linda Smith, Panel Game Debutante

I was doing my usual Sunday evening pottering last night, which involves stalking the corridors and chambers of Petty-Stewart Towers my flat, picking things up, putting them down somewhere else, ostensibly to get ready for the working week ahead, but still somehow leaving myself with a mad rush in the morning, desperately cramming bits of… Continue reading Linda Smith, Panel Game Debutante

And now on BBC Radio Four, the shipping forecast…

Trying vainly to get to sleep wouldn’t be the same without the strains of ‘Sailing By‘ at 00:45 on UK BBC Radio 4, followed by the Shipping Forecast. This string of numbers and names is sometimes soporific, sometimes annoying, and sometimes, it manages to be quite evocative. Click below to see more information (or a… Continue reading And now on BBC Radio Four, the shipping forecast…

You Will Feel The Need To Vomit

OK, so the possibility of nuclear destruction our friend the atom, slow or fast, is bad enough, but how about the possibility of sonic destruction? Hawkwind discussed it in their chilling classic, Sonic Attack. Well, I say ‘discussed’, I actually mean recited a tract of Moorcock apocalyptic barminess over a backing of overdriven synth noodlings… Continue reading You Will Feel The Need To Vomit