Tequila Snaps

I uploaded a bunch of photos of our Tequila Tasting to my Flickr page. See them here. There’s some nice ones of friends, and of course a couple of Gordon, and a couple of others. When I was going through and deciding which to share, I had to decide how to share them, and there’s… Continue reading Tequila Snaps

Great Power, Responsibility Etc.

Cassie is starting a new documentary project, and there’ll be lots about that on here in the coming months. She has an old Sony PD150 MiniDV camcorder, which was quite the thing back in the early 00’s. (That will be going up on eBay soon, so if you’re interested, let me know.) Tapes and Standard… Continue reading Great Power, Responsibility Etc.

Driving Mr Petty

My Dad loved motor sports, both the sport and the magazine that shared its name – there would always be the latest issue lying around when I visited, with its distinctive green cover. Sunday was Grand Prix day, and he and my brother would always watch. I wasn’t into it so much, but I seem… Continue reading Driving Mr Petty

Self-documentation and Nostalgia for the Present

  The Faux-Vintage Photo: Full Essay Parts I, II and III » Cyborgology. This is a very interesting discussion of the possibility that the trend for When I was in my late teens, and we used to have house parties when our parents were away, people would always be snapping photos at the party of… Continue reading Self-documentation and Nostalgia for the Present

Backup Your Android Phone Photos With The Google+ App

It’s easy to snap a load of photos and then run out of space on your phone, especially if your phone has an 8MP camera. I wanted to figure out a way to backup these photos automatically to my PC or a cloud service, and after looking around at options like Dropbox/DropCap, I discovered that… Continue reading Backup Your Android Phone Photos With The Google+ App

JosephNils: San Francisco at Night

JosephNils: San Francisco at Night. More amazing shots from our visiting New Orleans photog.

JosephNils: San Francisco at Dusk

JosephNils: San Francisco at Dusk. More beautiful shots of SF from Patrick. We were treading carefully on the roof to get these.

Cassie is Getting Married

JosephNils: Cassie is Getting Married. Another lovely shot from my favourite Swedish photographer, Patrick Jackson of Elektrik Zoo.

JosephNils: The Balcony

JosephNils: The Balcony. Some great photos by Friend Patrick from our suite after the wedding. Many more to come!