Me A To Z (That’s Zed By The Way)

A – Age: 32 B – Band listening to right now: Orbital, Blue Album C – Career future: More engineering I think D – Dad’s name: Brian E – Easiest person to talk to: Robin F – Favorite song: ‘True Faith’ by New Order G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears, although Smarties take… Continue reading Me A To Z (That’s Zed By The Way)

That Birthday Present List In Full…

and in no particular order… (to be expanded when I remember more – apologies to the offended) From Mairi History Book with Timelines David Cronenberg double-bill DVD: Rabid and Shivers Butterscotch sweeties Chocolate Lime sweeties Crystallized Ginger sweeties From Suzanne Various Moleskine notepads – enough to last a lifetime! From Robin and Ruth The 6ths… Continue reading That Birthday Present List In Full…

"Time crawls by when you’re riding on a train…"

Now I’m not working at Euston anymore, (the UK railway isn’t really in need of any improvements after all) I’m back to travelling out to Godalming in Surrey every day. Back to the horror and twisted justice that is South West Trains. There are some bonusses though. On the train to Guildford you get to… Continue reading "Time crawls by when you’re riding on a train…"

Parcelforce Are Shit At What They Do

Yes it’s a whinge. Bloody deal with it. Here we fucking go again. Parcelforce, who are supposed to be delivering my broadband modem, have failed to do so for three days in a row. Now M is currently off sick, so she is in and around the flat. But still it doesn’t arrive. I call… Continue reading Parcelforce Are Shit At What They Do

Post Xmas Lulllllll

Well, we’re well and truly back in the swing of the saddle now, and the daily trip to Lovely Euston is back. S’pose I’ll tell you about Christmas. Well, Mairi and I zipped up to Bedford (the family seat) in car, with Xmas hits blasting from the stereo, and a boot full of presents. Nothing… Continue reading Post Xmas Lulllllll

Chiz Moan Drone

I have been told by a friend that this stuff is ‘a bit ranty’. Well, I shall endeavour to change this. Posting more often would help I guess. Considering he’s the only person reading it, I’d best. So here goes. Today is a lovely January London day. “No such thing!”. A voice. Well, there’s a… Continue reading Chiz Moan Drone

Look At Choo Choo

I was getting the train home the other day, waiting at Kings Cross Thameslink, watching the mice on the tracks. The train I wanted was delayed by about 20 minutes. Oh well. When it arrived, everyone squeezes on, but I manage to get a seat. We trundle off to Farringdon, then we sit there for… Continue reading Look At Choo Choo

We Are The Goon Squad And We’re Coming To Town. Beep Beep.

Lots of reviews in this post – you may make notes if you wish. In a hungover haze last Friday, I bought a CD compilation at the stall in Euston Station (The stall is called Impulse – this is because only impulse buyers would pay their prices) of ’80’s synth hits’ called Electric. It’s on… Continue reading We Are The Goon Squad And We’re Coming To Town. Beep Beep.

Video Repair Blues

I’ve got a video being repaired by Currys at the moment. It’s getting frustrating. I was going to go into details, but these links tell it all far more clearly – If only I’d listened… Dixons are shit – I found this by typing ‘Dixons are shit’ into Google. The Register (bless ’em) A Blog… Continue reading Video Repair Blues

Bedford Blues

Actually not blues at all. I’m in Bedford for the weekend, visiting various folks. Statying at Mairi’s parents, and having a nice bar-b-q this afternoon. First though we’re popping into town. Mairi, her Mum and I. And what happens is that I wander off on my own, reminiscing, checking out the old haunts, and feeling… Continue reading Bedford Blues