Time, The Old Enemy

Well that’s the absolute end. I turned 37 today. I’m only updated this because these bastards told me to. Actually it’s been pretty good, all told, so far. My brother called for his regular misanthropic slagging session. Friend Robin called (from his landline!) to have a chat, make vague promises about visiting in the late… Continue reading Time, The Old Enemy

25 Albums – The Beloved – Happiness

Part of the 25 Albums project. Straight away we come to an album which can’t really be seen as a fantastic all time critics choice classic. However, it was very successful at the time, and I played it to death. Yes, I had slightly longer hair. Yes, it was floppy and fringed. Shut up. Shut… Continue reading 25 Albums – The Beloved – Happiness

Finally I Can Confess

There have been some nasty attacks in Silver Lake, with men walking alone being grabbed, robbed (sometimes) and injured (often). For a while it seemed nothing was being done, then the LAPD announced they had arrested two boys aged 15 and 16, who were gang members. Scary stuff. This prompted me to think about the crimes… Continue reading Finally I Can Confess

Drop And Give Me One Hundred

Last week I started doing this One Hundred Push Ups program. It’s a plan to get doing up to 100 pushups in 6 weeks, with a clear plan and tests along the way. Why I should be inspired to do this, rather than just doing more exercise, I don’t know. I think the clear plan, with… Continue reading Drop And Give Me One Hundred

Vacated Sockets And Hope

I had my follow-up with the nice Dr Eckstein this morning, where he told me that all was well in the jagged splintered holes in my jaw. The nurse praised me for my post-op home cleaning and so on, but stopped short of patting me on the head and giving me a lollipop. Probably not… Continue reading Vacated Sockets And Hope

Down Three Teeth

I saw the new year in with a throbbing jaw, thanks to the movement of a wisdom tooth that had been dormant since my twenties (my twenties, not the twenties. There is a difference, thanks). Cassie had a stinking cold as well, so quite the sorry pair we made. We were having some friends over… Continue reading Down Three Teeth

Terracotta Comment – The Matthew Petty Interview

A long one with a backstory, this. In December 2007, I posted a comment to Sarah Brown’s Que Sera Sera post about things that give her the heebie jeebies. I simply wrote “terracotta”. Much later, earlier this year, I received an intriguing email from another comment poster, asking about the terracotta comment, and linking to this… Continue reading Terracotta Comment – The Matthew Petty Interview

On-brand Seasonal Message

Happy Holidays to everyone! I wish you all the best wishes of the season, and a happy, safe, fun and prosperous New Year! See you all in 2009, I hope. Love from Matt and Cassie, and Gordon This photo was taken by Cassie, who would otherwise be in it. It was taken while walking along… Continue reading On-brand Seasonal Message

Both Bars On’s Top Ten Albums Of 2008

It was back when I lived in Tooting with Mairi. We knew there was a nice couple living next door – we had seen each other over the garden fence from time to time. Siobhan and Andy, who later turned out to be called James – feck knows where I got the name Andy from. It was… Continue reading Both Bars On’s Top Ten Albums Of 2008

The Advent Calendar Follies

Actually “folly” – singular. With the beginning for real of the Xmas season, I thought I’d write down for posterity a little anecdote from my childhood. If you know me you’ve probably heard this many times before, if not, prepare to be non-plussed! In our house we would have an Advent Calendar hung up, to… Continue reading The Advent Calendar Follies