I love Cassie, and we want to be together, and so we’re getting married! We just told Cassie’s family, and we’re enjoying a glass of fizz. It’s been a long time coming, despite the fact we’ve only been living  together for just under a year. It wasn’t necessarily a spontaneous thing – I didn’t surprise… Continue reading Finally!

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, That We Went After The NSA

Had a fun and social time at the Electronic Frontier Foundation 20th Birthday party at SF’s famous DNA Lounge last night. Met up beforehand with foodie and antiques fan Adam at Tu Lan Vietnamese restaurant, which is a tiny grubby place, with amazing food at incredible prices. It was the first time we’d met after… Continue reading It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, That We Went After The NSA

2009 – WTFIGO?

It’s about that time. I’ve got a nice lunch and some cocktails sloshing around inside me, so I just wanted to say to you all, Happy Holidays, and the best wishes of the season! Interestingly, despite the US supposedly being a theist cloud cuckoo land, it’s much more acceptable to say “Happy Holidays”, so that’s… Continue reading 2009 – WTFIGO?

Writing Things Down So I Don’t Forget

When I was employed in my first “proper” job, which in fact I have to this day, I was always trying to find ways to organise my thoughts and notes in such a way as to record everything I needed to know, and to remember, and to write up elsewhere. I would watch respected senior… Continue reading Writing Things Down So I Don’t Forget

25 Albums – Pet Shop Boys – Actually

Part of the 25 Albums project. Spotting a trend yet? Not one for the rock music, me. Maybe later in the list. The Pet Shop Boys’ second studio album was the one that really pushed them out, with several chart hits. They had the 1987 Xmas Number One, with a song that still makes me… Continue reading 25 Albums – Pet Shop Boys – Actually

A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

Cassie and I moved in together, at the same time moving north to San Francisco. Double whammy! Luckily, my company paid for the move, so we were able to sit back and relax as paid men boxed all our crap personal effects and loaded it onto trucks. They were amazingly quick, because they weren’t distracted… Continue reading A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

A Reason, Not The Other

Post are a bit sparse here right now because I’m moving from San Diego to San Francisco, and Cassie is coming with me! My company are moving us both, the movers are coming this Thursday, and this time next week (hopefully) we will have all our stuff set up in the new apartment in Noe… Continue reading A Reason, Not The Other

Don’t Masquerade With The Guy In Shades

OK so I got new prescription sunglasses. I felt (and I was agreed with) that my current simple metal frames were not cool enough, considering I now live (for the moment) in a city with plenty of sunshine. I’d seen a few reviews of these cheap online sunglasses stores, so I decided to take a… Continue reading Don’t Masquerade With The Guy In Shades

Personal Data Flow Diagram

With my Palm Centro, I’ve been playing with methods of keeping all my contacts and calendars up to date. I’ll admit it’s more of a geeky labour of love rather than a legitimate need for a solution. As the complexity of the links involved became clear, and after I had some problems with timezone shifting… Continue reading Personal Data Flow Diagram

“It Was 37 Years Two Days Ago…”

… as The Beatles never sang. So anyway, my birthday. After last weeks trip to Las Vegas, I’m driving up to LA this evening, for a nice weekend involving the usual dinners with friends, brunch, dogwalking and relaxing. Oh and maybe some database design for Cassie, you never know. In terms of gifts, I got… Continue reading “It Was 37 Years Two Days Ago…”