Bus Trip To Camden

Here’s a short video what I done when we were in London in February. Features: a little commentary very shaky camerawork a kaleidoscopically scratched bus window the song Grapefruit by Warm Digits, now available as a remix by a certain Justin Robertson – er, hello!

Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

This is an updated draft itinerary for Cassie’s and my trip to the UK in 2010. Fly Sunday 27th June – DONE Arrive Monday 28th June – DONE Stay with James & Siobhan at first – DONE, LOVELY Stay in London couple of days – DONE Train to Bedford on Thursday 1st July / picked up… Continue reading Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

I came home today to find a parcel from the UK with some happily familiar handwriting on it. It turned out to be a food parcel from my good pal Fleshisgrass, whom I miss terribliy and look forward to seeing in the next couploe of months. The Teva shoe box contained some pretty exotic stuff,… Continue reading Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

Nautical Coincidence

I was helping Cassie clear out some stuff, including loads of old papers, and we found the paperwork for when she had her belongings shipped from London to Las Vegas via New York. I don’t know how much unlikely this is, or whether it is a perfectly reasonable coincidence, but her stuff was shipped London-New… Continue reading Nautical Coincidence

The Lyrics To Alexei Sayle’s Hit Single, ‘Ullo John! Got A New Motor?

Couldn’t find these anywhere, and you all know what a bloody minefield searching for lyrics is, so here you go, I transcribed them for you. They’re written in normal English, you can translate into Cockney on the fly in your heads. Cheers. Incidentally, I tried to do this transcription once in 1982, from a cassette… Continue reading The Lyrics To Alexei Sayle’s Hit Single, ‘Ullo John! Got A New Motor?

I Want My Money Back

Got up this morning, and before I could do anything else I had to put the heat on for the first time in my apartment. What the hell? I’ve been joking recently to friends back in the UK that it’s been so cold here that I had to roll my sleeves down. Now that Xmas is… Continue reading I Want My Money Back

Status Of Missing

So, how is the great experiment doing? Am I missing the country of my birth? A little. I miss my ex-dog quite a lot. My Google Reader feed of all Flickr photos tagged “westie” is either helping or not helping. I miss my good friends. I didn’t have such a huge circle. My brother and sister are up… Continue reading Status Of Missing

Agents Of Frustration

Rant time, generalisations ahoy. Why is it that anyone with the word “agent” in their job title ends up being more of an obstacle than an enabler? The word “agent” is defined (amongst other things) as “a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations“. They act on your behalf. They enable, they… Continue reading Agents Of Frustration

Julia Boggio Photography – Advertisement Feature

This is a bit of an advert for a friend, Julia Boggio, who has set up a photography business. Julia has been a keen amateur for a long time, despite some major setbacks while travelling, but now she’s taken the plunge and quit the day job, strapped a Lowepro to her back, grabbed her [insert… Continue reading Julia Boggio Photography – Advertisement Feature

Feeling Left Out

London Mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone said that the ‘7/7 Attacks’ were not aimed at a particular group, but rather at, “…Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew…” Hey, Ken, what about me? I have Sundays off – don’t I count? It was only when some Muslim Council spokesman said that Londoners must come together, both “those… Continue reading Feeling Left Out