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Recent Links, 20090305

» Science-Based Medicine – Comprehensive Refutation of Antivaccinationists Very good round-up of the history of the antivax movement, and why it is wrong to try and blame autism on vaccines. Anecdotes are not data. Correlation does not imply causation. Protect children from ignorance. Repeat.

» The Gourmet Depot Co. – appliance sales, parts and accessories Do you, like Cassie, have an old but perfectly functional Sunbeam hand mixer with one beater attachment missing? This online store has a huge range of attachments and accessories, so we were able to order a nice new pair. That will keep this mixer out of the bin.

» exactitudes: Many photos of people dressing very similarly. This is really cool. The photographer has gathered many people, sorted them by how they how they dress, and then given them a label. Try and find yourself! (via b3ta)

» The Frogs Archive disappeared They let the hosting lapse, and it’s gone! This stuff needs to be out there. The public need to know. Where else can I read lyrics like “Rosy Jack Man is down your pants”, or “Spare me some cock, brother?”

» Wil Wheaton: Spoiler Alert: WATCHMEN is f**king awesome. Glad to hear it. Hope I feel the same way when I get to see it.

» Amnesty Blogs: Inaugural Emirates Literary Festival Bans A Book …and lots of authors pull out in protest. What an auspicious start. What a bunch of narrow-minded fools the organizers are.

Recent Links, 20090218

» Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome Useful tool for editing tags, sets and descriptions of your Flickr photos offline, then uploading and syncing your changes. Must buy a new camera. Works under Gnome, so fine for Ubuntu.

» Bad Science » Help! Legal Chill from LBC 97.3 over Jeni Barnett’s MMR scaremongering (a bit old now, but still simmering on) Ben Goldacre needs a lawyer. Jeni Barnett, wrong anti-MMR radio presenter, didn’t like him posting a clip of her spouting rubbish and being rude to nurses. Can anyone help?

» Childhood Fears | Sooth Brush Photographs of scary scenes. Some great stuff here. I like the clown-behind-the-sheet.

» The little page of TRANSPORT CHAOS Excellent and funny display of UK transport statistics, with the Threat Level highlighted. One for all my commuting ex-homies.

» Irukandji syndrome – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Don’t go in the water

» California Action Alert – Say No to Biometrics in CA Driver’s Licenses | Electronic Frontier Foundation Email your Senator now via this website – prevent this rushed and clumsy intrusion on your privacy slipping through without public and legislative scrutiny.

» Peter H. Cropes: I am Infected. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m on the way

» The once and future e-book: on reading in the digital age – Ars Technica Excellent article about e-books, their past, present and future. Screen size, people’s issues, DRM, Palm, Apple, Amazon, and much more. I used to read Gutenberg Wells and Lovecraft on my Palm TE while commuting. I can see the attraction.

» Johann Hari: Why should I respect these oppressive religions? – The Independent Quite a clear summing up of my thoughts on this subject. Why should respect _any_ religions? Oppressive ones are bad enough, but don’t let the quiet ones get away with anything either. NB This is not to say that I agree with anything else Hari says. I just thought this was succinct.

» London from above, at night – The Big Picture Part one of this wonderful gallery.

» More of London from above, at night – The Big Picture Absolutely beautiful gallery of aerial shots of London, taken at night. Not many of my old stomping grounds featured, but it does make me want to pop back.

» YouTube – maccy A montage of pics of a Westie, set to a C86 Primal Scream song. Affecting.

Recent Links, 20090127

» Eminemmy Hill vs Doctor Who Absolutely astounding music video/documentary, and proof of alien life.

» Grave threat to UK privacy – Write to your MP now! Hidden in the new Coroners and Justice Bill is one clause (cl.152) amending the Data Protection Act. It would allow ministers to make ‘Information Sharing Orders’, that can alter any Act of Parliament and cancel all rules of confidentiality in order to use information obtained for one purpose to be used for another. This would allow massive data sharing between government agencies, private entities, and the outside world. It would reverse the whole point of the Data Protection Act, and it must be stopped. Use www.writetothem.com to easily contact your MP and get them to vote against it.

» 22 Most Used Free Fonts By Professional Designers | instantShift Some nice fonts here, and all free (with caveats)!

» 26 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers | instantShift Some useful stuff here if I get moving on updating and tweaking my website, or if anyone else wants stuff doing.

» Charlie’s Diary: Preventing the New Dark Ages: Start Here Charles Stross presents a good case for keeping your life’s work in an open data format.

» “Social media consultants” I’ve had to block a fair few of these on twitter recently. I love it when PR firms show their true colours.

» Grow Tower Flash Game The latest in this series of really cute and fun puzzles. Click on the icons to build you tower, and watch the animations – see if you can max your tower out!

» New version of Game of Life caters to the hellish economy We’ve been playing Game Of Life recently, and we noticed how unrealistic it is for the most part. Maybe this will redress the balance. The old one did have the accountant pocketing your taxes – that’s true enough.

» xkcd – A Webcomic – Windows 7 Panel 2 – “No UI?” – haha that’s good cos I was in “The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui” which is about Hitler!

Recent Links, 20090106

» ‘I will protest the CHE movie on opening night’ – PledgeBank Interesting counterpoint to the popular image of Che Guevara, and also a nasty little flamewar about Israel and Gaza in the comments. Why the pledge owner felt the need to state they like Ayn Rand I have no idea.

» Amazon Filler Item Finder – When you need to find a cheap item just to get you over $25 to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping, this site is handy. Enter your required amount (e.g. $2.20) and select which product areas you want.

» Total email and phone call storage in hands of a private firm What on earth is Jacqui Smith thinking? There cannot be people advising her that this is a good idea. Fools. Bloody fools.

» 2008: The Year In Band Names | The A.V. Club The Onion runs down, in a couple of senses, the most unique band names of 2008.

» YouTube – The Most Horrible Day Of Our Lives – Split Screen If it wasn’t for the vodka cocktails the night before, I would have been in this. True.

» YouTube – robindeacon’s Channel Friend Robin, as mentioned on this site many times, has done videos and stuck them up. They’re art!

» Open Rights Group Newsblog : Blog Archive » BBC iPlayer now available on Linux and Mac Halle-bleedin-lujah. I remember last Xmas, at the ORG party, people were moaning about this lack. Now it’s here, and I live abroad. Balls. (must be a way around it…)

» All good things… « Mixwit.Blog Mixwit, the mixtape creation site, is closing. Probably sue to a legal situation. I’d only just joined as well!

» Registration – Royal Opera House Check out the ‘Title’ drop-down menu. Pretty comprehensive.

» FLICKR THEFT on Flickr – Photo Sharing! I just happened to be looking at photos tagged ‘westie’ when I saw this terrible news – a company stole this guys photo to use on their product!

» Open Rights Group Data Loss Questionnaire Answer these 28 questions to find out if the UK Government has lost your personal data recently.

Recent Links, 20081215

» Strange Attractor – 20 signs you don’t want that internal social media project Oh Sharepoint… The pain of recognition.

» Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn | Oliver Postgate RIP Brooker takes a break from the savage wit to write a heartfelt and affecting tribute to the late Oliver Postgate, who created so many classic kids TV shows from our childhood.

» Bad Science » “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that…” and other excellent Christmas gifts. Ben Goldacre sells a bib with the slogan “MMR is safe, tell your friends”, for your baby to wear out and about and cause confrontations.

» Graph of measles cases in the UK As the ill-informed (in fact just plain wrong) hysteria about vaccines continues, measles cases increase. Next up, rubella, then smallpox… Won’t someone think of the children?

» THE HUMAN LEAGUE Blind Youth – the complete guide to The Human League 1977-1980 Excellent site. Info, history, lyrics, great design which longs to be emulated. My parallel universe band would follow this model.

» Music Week – Burnham’s copyright speech in full Wrong in many ways. _When_ the Music Industry and the Music Business get “washed away”, music, and the musical community will remain. The business models that will support them are evolving. Please, rats, leave the sinking ship.

» Radios from RadioSalon.com I would like to have modern electronics in a casing like these. It would be good if you could easily put your stuff in new bodywork.

» vixy.net : Online FLV Converter You know those youtube videos which are just the music? Grab the audio with this.

Recent Links, 20081208

» YouTube – Section 25 “Looking from a Hilltop” (Version 1) I walked past the Hulme Crescents every day on my way to college. They were covered in posters for anti-poll tax gigs.

» Comforter Clips – Bed Bath & Beyond I need this cos I have this problem and it drives me mad.

» Elements of an EmotionML 1.0 Via plasticbaguk’s twitter feed, this is a doc describing a possible way of describing emotions in data. So you can annotate a dataset with how it makes you feel? I can’t help but think this may be a practical joke like that old spec for Pigeon-Enabled Internet.

» Portrait of a modern Moriarty « Why, That’s Delightful! V was awesome. Mike Donovan was cool, but Michael Ironside’s character was cooler. And harder. And less soft on the lizards.

» We Are Change London We are morons, more like.

Recent Links, 20081201

» Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective @ Things Of Interest Interesting article describing human relationships in terms of databases. Old inflexible database structures would talk about “husbands” and “wives”, and one husband could be married to one wife. But in reality (whether you like it or not, Prop 8 bigots) we are all “humans”, and a marriage can be between any two of us. It makes the database a lot simpler, too.

» Teacher forced into computer-porn plea deal despite proof prosecutor, IT manager misled court – Boing Boing Gadgets This is disgusting. Due to poor IT support at her school, and the IT manager AND Detective involved being idiots, she has to quit being a teacher. The arrogance and plain WRONGNESS of the IT guy is breathtaking. I’m angry.

» BNP NOT JUST POLICEMEN, REVEALS SECRET LIST – The Daily Mash From the extremely small number of policemen I’ve met, I know this is very well observed.

» buckman’s magnatune blog: Membership without obligations Pay what you want, all you can eat independent music. I bought a couple of albums from here, and I will now definitely be going back.

» Angrigami from 52 to 48 with love Ze Frank people write nice messages to those who voted the other way after the 2008 US Election. Many wrote nice things. Many wrote vicious and spiteful things. Ze created a collage of the anger, and asks you to make something beautiful from the anger – Angrigami. PDF is very angry!

» What I Had For Dinner Tonight This is a great journal of people’s dinners. It makes me feel totally inadequate, especially when the recipe includes ingredients “from the garden”. A few Monkeyfilter.com peeps here.

» B3TA : NEWSLETTER : “HOW DOES IT CHANGE MANY DYSLEXICS TO TAKE A LIGHT-BULB?” I sent them the info about Whole Foods DIY Peanut Butter. Parts of the newsletter are NSFW.

» Wiretap Follies / Click Someone needs to make a lotion dispenser that looks like a grenade. I would buy it.

» The Open Rights Group : Our busiest year so far – and what lies ahead… ORG is 3, and they’ve published their Annual Report. Read it, think about it, and pledge a fiver a month. The news is ful of digital rights and personal data issues, and ORG is there to fix it!

» Healer dies after failing to treat a foot wound – Portsmouth Today Silly, silly man. At any point did he think, “My beliefs are being proved wrong here, best do something about it”?

» Stop for me so much funnier than “stop all way(r)s”

» Goldsmiths, Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto Open letter to Goldsmiths Students Union, deconstructing the arguments and untruths stated by Weiss in the talk.

» ENGAGE – Israelis are not Nazis Sounds like a nasty bit of misleading rabble-rousing from Ms Weiss. The Left in the UK are in trouble if they think this is the sort of thing they should be promoting.

Recent Links, 20081113

» John Peel Wiki Complete with MP3s of all his shows, and listings of tracks played. Wonderful. (via Phil Gyford)

» Open Rights Group » Ordnance Survey cripples Gov Show Us A Better Way winners The Ordnance Survey are getting all whiney with what should be public data. Dicks.

» Matthias Rath, the alternative health eurosceptics and the MEP « gimpy’s blog A collection of unpleasant quacks and dangerously unscientific salespeople have snared an ignorant MEP into supporting their cause.

» Tiny Geo-coder | The fastest way to find latitude and longitude Boom, it just works. Now, what can I use it for…?

» Should We Kill People Over Gay Marriage? Another Sci-Fi author goes mental. Unlike Hubbard, Orson Scott Card’s books are quite good. But he seems to be advocating a bloody revolt against the “barbarians” that are “stealing” his marriage.

» music search plus Uses clever search terms to find “free” music files.

» All UK 1980’s Number 1’s nailed together into one mp3 Memories…

Recent Links, 20081110

» The locals slag you off (Phil Gyford: Writing) Mr Gyford seems to be going through the same thought processes and dilemmas I have about Facebook, Twitter et al.

» Blood tastes good » Drink-soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR …and another perspective on the recent US Election. NSFW, rude written words. Refreshing though.

» Guy Fawkes’ blog: Home Secretary’s Biometric Data Compromised Hee hee they got her fingerprints. That’s kind of silly but pretty funny.

» RepRap: Blog: Lasercut RepRap Extruder Instructions on Wiki These things look amazing, and I’m sure they do something great too. Very interesting project, RepRap.

Recent Links, 20081105

» 365 Days Of Trash Experiment to not throw anything away for a year. Worm farm, basement full of stuff etc. Over 300 days through now, and he’s had to reduce his consumption to keep on top of it. That said, the photos look quite liveable.

» Language – The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry Wonderful essay, referring to a 1980’s Fry and Laurie sketch. It has been said too many times, this man is an institution. He is one of my few heroes.

» Never Trust a Hippy: Time to pick sides Honestly, I step out of the country for a few months and suddenly the Daily Mail is confirmed as the arbiter of morality.

» On not finding London After Midnight « The Bioscope A melange, if you will.

» YouTube – THE MIGHTY BOOSH – Hitcher visits howard Last weekend I was an amalgam.

» 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 2 // WellMedicated Some more horror posters. Hee!

» 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // WellMedicated More posters. These range from amusing rehashes of the original, to fantastic expressions of the mood of the movie. I love the uneven Letraset in some of them – reminds me of Tech Drawing class.

» 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1 // WellMedicated Some great stuff here, plus a few non-horror classics. Happy Halloween!

» Achewood § July 8, 2004 Just browsing in the nostalgia with my Face Eyes, sitting in my Body Chair. I want a t-shirt of frames 5 and 6.