New Laptop Unboxing and Review

When I finally made my mind up and bought a laptop from System 76, I wanted to document the unboxing, because although it’s not much of a fancy gadget, these Ubuntu-powered laptops are pretty rare. I wanted to show the world what it looked like and my first impressions. I’ve now received a replacement laptop… Continue reading New Laptop Unboxing and Review

New Laptop Damage Photos

An update on this little saga. These are some photos of my new laptop and the box it came in, showing the cracked screen, and the lack of visible damage to the box. System76 are sending me a replacement, and they’ve raised a ticket with UPS.

New Laptop Decision Tree

graph created in GraphViz

The time had come to get a new laptop. My little Ubuntu-running Dell 10v just wasn’t cutting it, and Cassie wants her MacBook for her own stuff. The following chart illustrates my journey. First question was what OS I wanted. I definitely don’t want Windows for obvious reasons. I currently run Ubuntu, but the little… Continue reading New Laptop Decision Tree