Getting In And Getting On

Ah, the get-in. I have talked about these before. This one was slightly different, in that I didn’t know my lines yet (haha yes I heard that). At least this time I had an excuse. However, by the end of the (very long) day, with the help of Julian, Georgina and Suzie, I was off-book… Continue reading Getting In And Getting On

See, Creon Approaches

Well, the metaphorical curtain goes up next Tuesday, and there’s a lot of work to be done in the meantime. Luckily, I’m only in one half of the show (Oedipus Rex and not Antigone) while everyone else is doubling up across the two halves. So when they were rehearsing Part 2 last night, I was… Continue reading See, Creon Approaches

First Glimpse Of Theban Gang

I went to my first rehearsal for Oedipus Rex yesterday. It was in the familiar William Morris rooms, and the director is well known to me. My friend D is also in the play, and it so happened I’d seen her the night before for a surprise birthday dinner in her honour. I’d got a… Continue reading First Glimpse Of Theban Gang

Once More Unto The Breach…

…oh no wait that was the other one. So it would appear that I’m in another play, which I didn’t expect. K called me and asked me if I wanted a part in her adaptation of Oedipus Rex because Oedipus had dropped out. It goes up in two weeks time, and with a rejig of… Continue reading Once More Unto The Breach…

Settling In

That went very well last night. The last minute tweaks and figuring out where to leave stuff for easy access has seemed to work. If I sort out the Scriptless Wonder game cards on the train on the way home (or on my desk at work) I can be ready to go immediately we get… Continue reading Settling In

Over The Top…

…and down the rollercoaster! One show down! Well that wasn’t so bad in the end. I had been really nervous about my lines, but I managed to do pretty well, I thought. I always get nervous about my lines, and you’d think that I would realise that it always goes well in the end. But… Continue reading Over The Top…

First Night Tonight

“No turning back now, this is for real…” The props are boxed and ready. The costumes are laid out. The script is memorised (honest). The tickets are selling. The crew are awaiting instructions. The cast are at work until this afternoon. The theatre is empty (hopefully). The pep-emails are flying. The Facebook is updated. The… Continue reading First Night Tonight

TCFW Props Workshop 1

How To Make Alien Insect Goggles You will need: 2x cheap white plastic tea strainers white fabric elastic craft knife scissors sticky plasters and up-to-date tetanus innoculation antibacterial cleaning materials metal skewer open flame, like a gas hob oven glove Instructions: With the craft knife, cut off the parts of the tea strainers that rest… Continue reading TCFW Props Workshop 1

They Came From Woking / Scriptless Wonder 2007

Gawd help me, here I go again! This time it’s a double bill – They Came From Woking is a new play by my good friend Kristen, about a UFO-obsessed nerd who learns that his planet is being invaded, and in the meantime learns a few things about life as well… And then it’s a… Continue reading They Came From Woking / Scriptless Wonder 2007

Video Highlights

Sorry about the delay with this, but here is a video with highlights of Scriptless Wonder. Take a look! It was shot by a couple of ladies who came along from the UK Theatre Network, and by their own admission it’s pretty poor. But it gives you a good idea of the kind of lunacy… Continue reading Video Highlights