It Is Time For The Slug Anecdote

Back in the days of Intel 80486’s and Compact Disc Players, when I was at college in High Wycombe (pron. ‘Hig-gy Wik-KOM-by’) in the second, slightly more successful act of the farce that was my Higher Education, I shared a house in Upper Green Street with a couple of fellow students. This house was of… Continue reading It Is Time For The Slug Anecdote

Break Out The Andrex

In this post, Louise talks about what G2’s article calls possibly ‘the future of shopping.’ I had experience of similar machines when studying in Germany. They sold hot snacks like sausage rolls and other more Teutonic snackage, and were popular with the after-closing-time crowd. The food in them was revolting in that artificial, heated-by-lamps way,… Continue reading Break Out The Andrex