Oh ‘Come’ Ye Merry Gentlemen (snigger)

On Saturday was the Carlton Christmas Party, organised by Ruth, with the help of a motley bunch of us. Once again it was a marvellous transformation of a crummy municipal room into glittering grotto of festive delights. It’s amazing what 20 metres of tinsel and red and green tablecloths can do. Add to the mix… Continue reading Oh ‘Come’ Ye Merry Gentlemen (snigger)

‘Husband Strip Actually Funny’ Shock

The Yobs strip in the current edition of Private Eye is actually mildly funny. If you want consistency, go to Achewood.

Shopping Lists Are The Only Truth

You can stop your to-do lists falling into the wrong hands. Then again, some people might want others to read what’s going on in their head.

I Love Amateur Cartoons…

…especially when they’re really crap – this has had me giggling through my tea for the last 10 minutes. Check out the Hanna Barbera ones!