Found Garage Bill

One of the sites I look at regularly by subscribing to the feed in Google Reader is Found Magazine, which asks people to send in shopping lists, photos and other bits and pieces that they found on the street, in second-hand books, and stuck at the back of drawers in dusty old furniture. I found what… Continue reading Found Garage Bill

Taste Can Be Bought

Someone gave me this cutting from a TV listings magazine. It is an advert for the most fabulous object in the world. The goal of everybody’s hopes and dreams. From the lovingly crafted brass westies that wouldn’t go round in a little circle, but would in fact swing back and forth, in such a way… Continue reading Taste Can Be Bought

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Pink and Blasphemous

I’ve made a terrifying discovery. Leafing through the 2007 UK IKEA catalogue or ‘Necronomicon’ as it shall henceforth be known, I found proof that Cthulhu no longer waits dreaming, but has arisen. As you know, the blasphemous incantation or ritual chanted by noisome cults in the lesser-known parts of the world is, “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu… Continue reading Pink and Blasphemous

Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies

You remember how in this chat transcript posted to years ago, someone called HatfulOfHollow invented the concept of a machine that will stab people in the face over the internet? Well, the characters in Achewood have only gone and done it! Check out the story… Ray and Teodor take the mickey out of Nice… Continue reading Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies

BMW Theory

In lieu of a proper blog post, here is a theory or rule I have been developing. As all right-thinking people know, all BMWs are driven by wankers. The BMW M5 and M3 are BMW 5-series and 3-series which have been tweaked and made all sporty: they are a special kind of BMW. It therefore… Continue reading BMW Theory

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Some Kind Of Comedian

One of the Carltons most sought-after stars is a chap called Ian Ward, who has often been told that he should go a become a stand-up comedian. Well, he took the advice, and went and became one. I went to see him and several other acts a few weeks ago, at The Ship in Borough… Continue reading Some Kind Of Comedian

Alternative Bookcovers

I’m all confused about where these have been posted, so here they all are from Flickr. What happens when a book cover design doesn’t match the style of the contents? This does. Mein Kampf in Chicklit style Kids book in Thriller style Necronomicon in Dictionary style American Psycho in Teen Romance Style UPDATE: Boing Boing… Continue reading Alternative Bookcovers

A Burning Issue – Another Script From Another Era

This here is a script that emerged from the pupal shell of the sessions we had back in late 2001, and utterly failed to take off and fly. It’s actually OK, in a simplistic ‘cheap-Radio-4-sketch-show’ kind of way. The ending is bad, but what do you want? Comedy Gold? Blood? A Burning Issue