Malt Loaf Attempt

I wanted to make my own malt loaf, having remembered how much I loved it in the UK. Friend Siobhan sent me a recipe from Mary Berry, and I set to work acquiring the ingredients. A bit of translation from the UK recipe to the US was involved: UK to US translation 5 fluid ounces… Continue reading Malt Loaf Attempt

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Bit Of A Pickle

After our recent trip to England (travelogue pending honest) I got a renewed taste for a couple of my favorite foods: Soreen Malt Loaf, and UK-style pickled onions in malt vinegar*. Our bags were already stuffed full (leading to some rearrangement at check-in) so I wasn’t able to bring any home with me. Plus I… Continue reading Bit Of A Pickle

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I Invented A Sandwich

This is a luxurious dessert treat, easiy aseembled from ingredients you may already have in your pantry and fridge. You know the French Dip sandwich as allegedly invented here? Hot sliced roast beef, with a small bowl of au jus (broth) for dipping? Well my recipe is like that, except you replace the hot roast… Continue reading I Invented A Sandwich

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Arthur Bryant’s Original Barbeque Sauce

Being the kind of old-world savage that loves ketchup on things, I was very pleased to discover this sauce. We got a bottle in a gift basket, I think. It appeared in our cupboard one day. Either that or the ANGELS put it there because it is DELICIOUS. I’m no BBQ-er, and I’m well aware… Continue reading Arthur Bryant’s Original Barbeque Sauce

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I Do Not Intend To Get Scurvy

When I’m out with Cassie for a fancy time, she often likes to drink a Dirty Martini, made with Grey Goose vodka if possible. I like these as well (salty!), but in the interests of not drinking the same thing as my girlfriend, it has become necessary to find my own drink. I’ve never really been… Continue reading I Do Not Intend To Get Scurvy

Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

I came home today to find a parcel from the UK with some happily familiar handwriting on it. It turned out to be a food parcel from my good pal Fleshisgrass, whom I miss terribliy and look forward to seeing in the next couploe of months. The Teva shoe box contained some pretty exotic stuff,… Continue reading Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

Nice New Old Dresser

Now that Cassie and I are settling in our new place in labradors-strollers-and-badly-parked-SUV-crossovers-ridden Noe Valley, I needed to get hold of a dresser for my half of the bedroom. I had a tall dresser from Ikea in the UK, and I wanted something similar here. However, I didn’t want to go to Ikea again, because… Continue reading Nice New Old Dresser

On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

~ Better two months late than never, that’s what I always (have to) say. This is one of those summary-style posts that simply serve to let the folks back home know what I’ve been up to. ~  As is now tradition, Cassie and I started the Xmas season with a nice meal at LA Prime, at the top of the Hotel… Continue reading On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

Heavy On The Magick

It was LA again a couple of weekends ago, because we had a few special things planned. Thursday evening I drove up as I often do, and as we couldn’t decide what to do for dinner, we just walked down the road to good old Dusty’s. Walking back up the hill with Cassie in the… Continue reading Heavy On The Magick

What You (Didn’t) Miss(ed) – A Fascinating Glimpse

I had a bit of a modern dilemma, which I resolved by writing this blog post. Just blurb it out, Petty. If nothing else, it will describe a typical, if busy, evening in the life of your beloved chronicler. A good way to keep the folks at home up to speed, or at least illustrate the little… Continue reading What You (Didn’t) Miss(ed) – A Fascinating Glimpse