Flickrfs is a virtual filesystem which mounts on your linux machine like any other partition. Once mounted, it retrieves information about your photos hosted on your flickr account, and shows them as files. You can now easily copy photos fro…

More Binder Clip Hints And Tips?

Binder clips can also be used for: Holding wounds closed until the airlift arrives Holding eyes closed during scary movie scenes Holding eyes open during the Ludovico Technique Fun ear fashion Temporary rock-climbing carabiners seriously go on try it Holding sheets of paper together Male contraception “in a pinch” Add duct tape for a DIY… Continue reading More Binder Clip Hints And Tips?

Razorblade Kisses

This post was floating around in my drafts for ages. Then recently I’ve just got around to sorting out my photos, so the attending slide show is ready. I’m not your regular hairy bloke. That’s not to say that I’m an ethereal blonde-eyelashed Eloi, but I definitely have trouble growing a beard. When things of… Continue reading Razorblade Kisses