No-one would would have believed…

Christmas 1978. My sister is given ‘Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds’, a solid double album, packed with wonderful typography, sleeve art and prog rock. She listened to it repeatedly over the next few weeks, and I did not leave the house as a result. The reason? The sequence with the… Continue reading No-one would would have believed…

Who watches the Incredibles?

Good old Pixar. Another great movie, this time with lots of parallels with Alan Moore’s Watchmen. In fact, it prompted me to reread it. Again. And this will mean I go back and reread V for Vendetta, and From Hell, and so on. A slippery slope indeed, but an immensely enjoyable one.

When I’m On My Knees I’d Do Anything Just To Kick It

5.30. Bar Kick, Shoreditch High Street Katie’s Birthday. Place is still pretty quiet still at 5.30, plenty of seats and stools, but already the football tables (made by Sulpie) are the scenes of some friendly rivalry. Beer of the day (Super Bock from Portugal – website here – I’M IN FLASH HELL) has gone up… Continue reading When I’m On My Knees I’d Do Anything Just To Kick It

How many times must I tell you, Barbara?

Witty and incisive horror movie reviews? Check. Cake made to look like a dismembered thoracic cavity? Check. All this and more at They’re Coming!

Cold Comfort Mountain

Went to see ‘Cold Mountain’ at the glorious Wimbledon Odious, sorry Odeon. Ha ha. Well, what can we say. It was an epic. That is, very long. And it was set in the Southern US, which has a distinct accent.This gave rise to some problems. Jude Law just about managed to hold the accent steady,… Continue reading Cold Comfort Mountain

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DVD Love Action

Been watching a few DVD’s now we’ve got the machine. I’ve got it squirting it’s noise through my amp, so I can hear director’s commentaries and alternative endings in glorious Dolby 5.1. Albeit through two rather small speakers, with books and CDs piled in front of them. But no matter!Watched Equilibrium on rental first. We… Continue reading DVD Love Action

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Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

An earlier post skirts around my problems getting my video repaired. It has now been returned, and it appears to work. That is, it plays without making squealing noises, and the picture doesn’t have stripes all over it. Unless I have the PC on, which pumps out EM pollution like it was practising to be… Continue reading Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

Cheekbones Akimbo

Went to see Underworld yesterday. “Buffy meets the Matrix”. Good fun for a Sunday afternoon, all told. The gothic imagery is getting a bit cliched, but it looked great, the fight scenes were all very exciting, if a bit predictable in our post-Matrix world. Bill Nighy is good as the head vampire, although worryingly for… Continue reading Cheekbones Akimbo

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