The Tunisian Frank Sinatra

My friend Claire Belhassine, whom I met through Cassie after they met at London Film School, recently released her directorial debut documentary Papa HĂ©di… …a 21st century portrait of one of Tunisia’s best loved musicians, HĂ©di Jouini, through the eyes of his British Granddaughter. A contemporary documentary searching for traces of HĂ©di’s spirit, we uncover via encounters… Continue reading The Tunisian Frank Sinatra

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Videoing The Day-to-day

This article on Retro Thing makes a point about not documenting the mundane in our lives. I think we document more than ever, but not always the regular stuff – just crazy or unusual stuff, or images which don’t document rather than say, “ooh look how that ivy grows on that wall”, or “ooh, look at the mist“.… Continue reading Videoing The Day-to-day

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Promethean Chasms

*** Lots of spoilers, watch out. Last warning *** Went to see Prometheus on Sunday at the UA on Shattuck in Berkeley. Chose to see it in 3D – we figured this film at least would be worth it, and it was – for visuals at least. 3D or not, it looked fantastic. I loved… Continue reading Promethean Chasms

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The Social Network Soundtrack

One of the best things about the movie The Social Network was the soundtrack by Atticus Ross and Trent “NIN” Reznor. It’s available here for only $5, and there’s a free five-track sampler available at the same link if you provide your email address. I’m downloading it now. What I heard on this site sounded… Continue reading The Social Network Soundtrack

‘The Social Network’ – I Enjoyed It

We went to see The Social Network yesterday, and I recommend you go and see it as well. Not because it’s the greatest film ever, or because it gives a unique insight into what it was about, but because I enjoyed it and would like you to as well. Jesse Eisenberg was excellent, aloof and… Continue reading ‘The Social Network’ – I Enjoyed It

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Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

I seem to be following these things around. When I lived in San Diego, I was able to go to ComicCon twice, and now in San Francisco we have WonderCon, run by the same people, but a bit smaller and mellower, as it turns out. Of course, my buddy Brian, being a makeup artist and… Continue reading Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

Possible Use For iPad?

I’m not getting one, but I have to say these iPads are pretty intriguing, and I’d love to play around on one. Wil Wheaton has found a possible case of buying one after initial scepticism – board games. Complex board games like Car Wars and Arkham Horror. And reading that post, and the comments, made… Continue reading Possible Use For iPad?

Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

So I went to see Watchmen in San Diego with Cassie and house-guest Martin. Of course, I’d been looking forward to it greatly, being a fan of the book and of Alan Moore’s other work. I’m not some huge Moore scholar, but I loved Watchmen and V for Vendetta, and I’ve read some issues of… Continue reading Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

~ Better two months late than never, that’s what I always (have to) say. This is one of those summary-style posts that simply serve to let the folks back home know what I’ve been up to. ~  As is now tradition, Cassie and I started the Xmas season with a nice meal at LA Prime, at the top of the Hotel… Continue reading On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

Finally I Can Confess

There have been some nasty attacks in Silver Lake, with men walking alone being grabbed, robbed (sometimes) and injured (often). For a while it seemed nothing was being done, then the LAPD announced they had arrested two boys aged 15 and 16, who were gang members. Scary stuff. This prompted me to think about the crimes… Continue reading Finally I Can Confess