It Was Full Of Comics And Toys

 Now that I seem to live in San Diego (don’t quite know what happened there) it only seemed fair to go to the famous Comic Con at San Diego Convention Centre. Brian’s friend got us free weekend passes, which was very kind, and he is staying in my guest room for the weekend. Sadly I… Continue reading It Was Full Of Comics And Toys

How Dare You See Yourself As Different

A teenage boy has pleaded guilty to the murder of Sophie Lancaster and inflicting GBH on her boyfriend. The attack happened in August 2007, in a park in Bacup in Lanacashire. Police believe that there may have been up to 15 people present when the attack took place. It seems the attack was aimed at… Continue reading How Dare You See Yourself As Different

Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies

You remember how in this chat transcript posted to years ago, someone called HatfulOfHollow invented the concept of a machine that will stab people in the face over the internet? Well, the characters in Achewood have only gone and done it! Check out the story… Ray and Teodor take the mickey out of Nice… Continue reading Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies

Mr Homer’s Odyssey

Finally got round to doing another of these – books with the wrong style of cover.

Alternative Bookcovers

I’m all confused about where these have been posted, so here they all are from Flickr. What happens when a book cover design doesn’t match the style of the contents? This does. Mein Kampf in Chicklit style Kids book in Thriller style Necronomicon in Dictionary style American Psycho in Teen Romance Style UPDATE: Boing Boing… Continue reading Alternative Bookcovers

Otaku Creatrix Plus X Zero

Jennifer Diane Reitz creates some of the most fascinating and though-provoking comic book art around. I started reading her wonderful pixel-drawn series Unicorn Jelly in late 2001, and the whole concept really gripped me. I found myself starting from the beginning and getting no work done. Apart from the fantastical characters and RPG-like faction– based… Continue reading Otaku Creatrix Plus X Zero

Who watches the Incredibles?

Good old Pixar. Another great movie, this time with lots of parallels with Alan Moore’s Watchmen. In fact, it prompted me to reread it. Again. And this will mean I go back and reread V for Vendetta, and From Hell, and so on. A slippery slope indeed, but an immensely enjoyable one.

Gripping Achewood Lovestory

OK, I’m not much of a soap-follower – it involves getting involved, if you know what I mean. But at the moment I’m getting pretty caught up with the ongoing love story between Molly and Roast Beef in the online comic strip Achewood, a favourite of mine for a long time. Here’s a run-down of… Continue reading Gripping Achewood Lovestory

‘Husband Strip Actually Funny’ Shock

The Yobs strip in the current edition of Private Eye is actually mildly funny. If you want consistency, go to Achewood.


It appears it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day so here goes… “This cabin-boy’s grown haggard so in the pot he goes. And from his skin we’ll make a little drum to beat as we fire human heads from cannon at our foes, and set the seas ablaze with burning rum.” “I tread a lurching timber world… Continue reading Yarr.