Can U Dig It?

Some more ancient thoughts from the drafts folder. Quite the essay this one. After going to Comic Con here in San Diego a couple of weekends ago (This was written back in 2008 – ed.) (about which I have some more thoughts later), and after unpacking the boxes of books that were shipped over from… Continue reading Can U Dig It?

Birthday Comic Book Vouchers

For my birthday back in June, my friends Tom & Jen gave me some gift vouchers from the SF comic book store Isotope. I’ve not had a chance to go in and check it out – until today. Coming back from the oral surgeon after my checkup, I stopped in and spent my vouchers. I… Continue reading Birthday Comic Book Vouchers

The “Kirby Crackle” Effect In GIMP

Teardrop Explodes with Kirby Krackles

The “Kirby Krackle”, also known as “Kirby Dots” are an artistic effect created by legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby while drawing The Fantastic Four in the 1960s. Here’s a great description of the evolution of this effect. In the example to the left, it’s used to represent the weird energy of the cosmos, and… Continue reading The “Kirby Crackle” Effect In GIMP

An Open Letter To Chris Onstad

It’s no secret I am a fan of the webcomic Achewood. There’s so much stuff there to enjoy, what with the character blogs in addition to the strip itself. I’ve written about it many times before, including considering how one character’s reaction to his impending marriage could influence my reaction to my own. Updates have… Continue reading An Open Letter To Chris Onstad

Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

I seem to be following these things around. When I lived in San Diego, I was able to go to ComicCon twice, and now in San Francisco we have WonderCon, run by the same people, but a bit smaller and mellower, as it turns out. Of course, my buddy Brian, being a makeup artist and… Continue reading Wonderfully Mellow: WonderCon 2010

Possible Use For iPad?

I’m not getting one, but I have to say these iPads are pretty intriguing, and I’d love to play around on one. Wil Wheaton has found a possible case of buying one after initial scepticism – board games. Complex board games like Car Wars and Arkham Horror. And reading that post, and the comments, made… Continue reading Possible Use For iPad?

Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

So I went to see Watchmen in San Diego with Cassie and house-guest Martin. Of course, I’d been looking forward to it greatly, being a fan of the book and of Alan Moore’s other work. I’m not some huge Moore scholar, but I loved Watchmen and V for Vendetta, and I’ve read some issues of… Continue reading Like It Matters Here Is My Review Of ‘Watchmen’

San Diego Comic Con 2008 – Photos

About time too. Still need to get round to writing about it, but here are the photos.

Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time

Went to a San Diego Geek Bonfire last night, organised by Mitch Wagner of Information Week, and Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker (which I comment on sometimes). We met at one of the concrete fire pits provided by the city in this lovely little cove. When I arrived, there were already a bunch of people… Continue reading Geek Bonfire Burny Burny Fun Time