Taking On The Mantle

The weather here in the Bay Area is not the idyllic Californian sun that many people think it is – in fact it can be downright c-c-cold. There was frost in the hills today, for example. OK, so not ice storms and driving winds, but cold enough to warrant a proper overcoat. So once again… Continue reading Taking On The Mantle

A Shirt’s Tail

Cassie and I have this ongoing “discussion” about whether I should tuck my shirts in. Yesterday was Casual Friday, so the issue was on my mind again. Casual Friday is an institution which has been abolished and reinstated a couple of times by my company, as senior management changes, and new brooms like to attempt… Continue reading A Shirt’s Tail

The Pascal’s Wager Of Wearing A Suit

I wear a suit to work most days. I started doing this more since moving to the US. When preparing for my wedding I became much more interested in clothes, and this seems to have coincided with and inspired by the current wave of menswear blogs (and tumblrs and whatevers) focussing on quality, fit and classic style… Continue reading The Pascal’s Wager Of Wearing A Suit

Put This On: Why don’t developers dress better?

Put This On: Why don’t developers dress better?: kellysutton:

“Suits shouldn’t be allowed to this type of meetup. I definitely saw at least 5 people in suits. so lame.”
That comment was left on the Hacker News comment thread about this week’s …

A Year Never Worn / Worn-out Movies

Yesterday was a great milestone. A year ago, I was going through my wardrobe, trying to decide if I could get rid of anything. I was running out of space, and there were quite a few items I could either not fit into anymore, or were not really suitable to wear anymore (I’ll leave why… Continue reading A Year Never Worn / Worn-out Movies

The Old School Tie

The Put This On tie features our signature colors, red and white, in a tasteful design which is suitable for almost any outfit. via Put This On • The Put This On Club Tie Returns! Our initial run…. Amusingly similar to my Old (Middle) School Tie: OK, mine had the black in as well. Still… Continue reading The Old School Tie