Theatre Database Available Again

I’ve managed to get my little database of theatrical productions I’ve been involved with back up, after an extended period of not being able to remember my MySQL password (thanks, ICDSoft tech support!). It’s part of my ongoing relationship with theatre – the small-scale, amateur, just-for-fun kind. I now need to update a lot of… Continue reading Theatre Database Available Again

Sad News From The Carlton

I received some very sad news today from my old friends in the Carlton Dramatic Society. Philippa “Pippa” Cain (nee Booth) died suddenly on April 28th. She was a huge part of the society, driving the shows, the direction and the character of the group for several years. She met her husband Adam there, and… Continue reading Sad News From The Carlton

Carlton Production Pages

Back when I was a member of Carlton Dramatic Society in Wimbledon, I was for a while the newsletter editor, and by extension, the website editor as well. The site was already packed with pages from the earlier productions, so when I spruced up the site, I corralled them into a new page, and tied… Continue reading Carlton Production Pages

Fresh Meat Casting

Back when I was involved in amateur/independent theater in London, some friends and I found some of the things actors put their CVs pretty funny. So, we created our own casting agency, Fresh Meat, and threw together some fake CVs. The names have been changed, but they were based on ourselves – see if you… Continue reading Fresh Meat Casting

Arturo Pluggy

Katy, who played someone who got killed 4 times a night, whilst with child, for the masses of Merton, saw this in her work bathroom. Ring any bells? When inanimate objects look like cast members.

Photos Of The Final Result

Taken just after the matinee performance, these are some shots of my get-up as Arturo Ui. Note florid ‘I’m about to faint from the heat’ look. Me as Arturo Ui Me as Arturo Ui

Katy and Steve Nuptials, 2004

Yes, a bit late with this one, but I was sorting out my photos in Picasa, adding captions and tags, and realised that these are pretty nice photos of Mairi and I. Sadly the batteries in the camera ran out shortly after this, so there are none of the rest of the day. Twit. Matthew… Continue reading Katy and Steve Nuptials, 2004

I Sit Corrected

It has been brought to my attention by one of my readers (the one on the left) that this post contains an error. It turns out that the men will be kicking a ball around in Germany, and not Greece as previously stated. Greece hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Whatever My bad. Confusing these two… Continue reading I Sit Corrected

And Up Again

It’s like a bleedin’ rollercoaster round ‘ere. Only on Tuesday I was whingeing about a bad rehearsal, and now I’m telling you that last night was a lot better. Well, a bit better. We were rehearsing scenes which I’m a lot more confident with, so it went pretty smoothly. We also rehearsed the dance scene,… Continue reading And Up Again

A Word From Rehearsal

“NNnnnnnnnyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghh!!!” That pretty much sums it up. We rehearsed the whole second half last night, which I should know 100%. Instead, I know about 15%. KMcG tried to help me, in the Amazing Line Learning Kitchen, with little success. The speech I tried to learn was one of those where, instead of a flow of… Continue reading A Word From Rehearsal