A Reason, Not The Other

Post are a bit sparse here right now because I’m moving from San Diego to San Francisco, and Cassie is coming with me! My company are moving us both, the movers are coming this Thursday, and this time next week (hopefully) we will have all our stuff set up in the new apartment in Noe… Continue reading A Reason, Not The Other

Blosxom to WordPress – The Glacial Saga Continues

A long time ago, I ditched the tiny elegant Blosxom for the slicker, more user-friendly WordPress. Installation of the new system was a breeze. Importing my entries from Blosxom to WordPress was not so much of a breeze, and it continues to this day. The method I used to export from Blosxom was to create… Continue reading Blosxom to WordPress – The Glacial Saga Continues

Lambs To The Slaughter

My pals Kristen and Ian have started blogs today, so head on over and take a look. First up, Wannabe Scriptwriter is all about the pain and the passion that is being a wannabe scriptwriter and actual movie extra. Expect discussions on when it is appropriate to eat Rich Tea, and when HobNobs are in… Continue reading Lambs To The Slaughter

The What-O-Sphere?

Last night’s seminar organised by spiked was pretty interesting. It was the first one of this kind of thing I’ve been to. My good friend Mira told me about it. We thought it would be a good insight into how this blogging is affecting publishing and online life, considering the fact that I’ve just started… Continue reading The What-O-Sphere?

Archetypal First Entry

Well, here we go. The webpage is being overhauled, stuff that should have been done ages ago is being done, and the best way to just get some content up there is to spew it all out. And where better to spew than one o’these new-fangled blog things. Come back soon, there may be something… Continue reading Archetypal First Entry