We Know It’s Fake, But…

All this kerfuffle about hated publisher Elsevier unleashing the trademark hounds on the amusing FakeElsevier Twitter account, thereby triggering the Streisand Effect, reminded me of an old story from my hometown of Bedford, UK. In the late 1980’s, the local newspaper had a notice in it, advertising that a Fake Alexander O’Neal was going to… Continue reading We Know It’s Fake, But…

A Hair Cut Is A Hair Enhanced

When I was growing up, I would get my hair cut at Tony’s Italian Barber in Bedford. There was a big Italian community in the town, due to the brickworks I think. Tony the owner would snip away, while his friends would sit around playing with strange cards. While waiting I would take the opportunity… Continue reading A Hair Cut Is A Hair Enhanced

Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

This is an updated draft itinerary for Cassie’s and my trip to the UK in 2010. Fly Sunday 27th June – DONE Arrive Monday 28th June – DONE Stay with James & Siobhan at first – DONE, LOVELY Stay in London couple of days – DONE Train to Bedford on Thursday 1st July / picked up… Continue reading Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

The Ducks And The Slabs

Recently, gaming blog Kotaku had an interesting set of instructions to allow you to adapt videogame classics to be played in the playground. It reminded me of a game we used to play in the playground at my primary, Scott Lower School. In the playground there were these three large concrete slabs stuck in the… Continue reading The Ducks And The Slabs

Finally I Can Confess

There have been some nasty attacks in Silver Lake, with men walking alone being grabbed, robbed (sometimes) and injured (often). For a while it seemed nothing was being done, then the LAPD announced they had arrested two boys aged 15 and 16, who were gang members. Scary stuff. This prompted me to think about the crimes… Continue reading Finally I Can Confess

The Advent Calendar Follies

Actually “folly” – singular. With the beginning for real of the Xmas season, I thought I’d write down for posterity a little anecdote from my childhood. If you know me you’ve probably heard this many times before, if not, prepare to be non-plussed! In our house we would have an Advent Calendar hung up, to… Continue reading The Advent Calendar Follies

The Weeks After

This entry was a draft I never got round to finishing. It was started on August 11 2005, and then sat in the folder on my server, forgotten. I found it just now, while transferring files to WordPress. ~o~ So here I am again. The week after Dad died, I had compassionate leave from work,… Continue reading The Weeks After

Bedford Blues

Actually not blues at all. I’m in Bedford for the weekend, visiting various folks. Statying at Mairi’s parents, and having a nice bar-b-q this afternoon. First though we’re popping into town. Mairi, her Mum and I. And what happens is that I wander off on my own, reminiscing, checking out the old haunts, and feeling… Continue reading Bedford Blues