Backup Your Android Phone Photos With The Google+ App

It’s easy to snap a load of photos and then run out of space on your phone, especially if your phone has an 8MP camera. I wanted to figure out a way to backup these photos automatically to my PC or a cloud service, and after looking around at options like Dropbox/DropCap, I discovered that… Continue reading Backup Your Android Phone Photos With The Google+ App

Drinking Water – Android app

When I visited the doctor before the wedding, he told me, “Basically you’re pretty healthy, but you need to do more exercise, eat more vegetables, and drink more water.” I knew I would have trouble remembering to do these, so I did what anyone would do and checked the Android Market for an app which… Continue reading Drinking Water – Android app

Androids And iPhones

I’m very happy with my newish Android phone. I got an HTC Incredible (ridiculous name) on Verizon, and all seems well, apart from a couple of things. Firstly, when I upgraded to Android 2.2 (“Jamba Juice” or something), it all worked OK except that the earpiece didn’t work any more. I could talk and be… Continue reading Androids And iPhones