Lloyd’s Handmade Rocking Horses – The Process


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Here are a few pictures showing the process my Grandad followed to make one of his wooden rocking horses. I don’t know which one this horse is, and the pictures may be from different horses, but you get the idea.
Rocking Horse in progress 1/5
1. The main structure of the body.
Rocking Horse in progress 2/5
2. Clamping the pre-shaped legs to the body while the glue dries.
Rocking Horse in progress 3/5
3. The head has been attached, and the horse is taking shape.
Rocking Horse in progress 4/5
4. Using a surform to round the corners.
Rocking Horse in progress 5/5
5. Adding the finishing touches. My Nana sewed blankets, and shaped leather saddles and reins, which Grandad then attached.
Nana & Grandad with Black Prince, 1981
6. The finished product. This is Black Prince, with my Nana Mabel and Grandad Harold, in 1981.