Lloyd’s Handmade Rocking Horses – Sheba (1985)


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The Horse Book - Lloyd's Handmade Rocking Horses - p.14

October 1985


Lovely coffee-coloured horse, with white markings & a red harness. White mane and tail. Plus horse blanket, “jazzers” and bells.

Sold to Mr John Radley, 36 Park Avenue, Little Paxton, for £160.

Mr Radley bought the horse for his wife Brenda – her son liked it, so she gave it to him (he is recently married). It is to be kept in the family.

1987 – The son had a baby boy – so he and his wife will inherit the horse.

Sheba was followed by a brown horse, made by John Radley under Harold’s instructions. It was a nice little pony, brown with black saddle & harness, called “Lively Lad”. This horse went to his other married son, Shaun.

An address, and a few names. Good stuff to be going on with. Plus Mr Radley seems to have been caught by the rocking horse bug, so there may be a lead there.