Lloyd’s Handmade Rocking Horses – Sefton (1983)


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The Horse Book - Lloyd's Handmade Rocking Horses - p.12


December 1983


A black (& white markings) horse, in memory of the London Guard’s horse who was so terribly injured by the IRA bombs (and survived but is now retired)

A lovely horse.

Sold to Mrs Rayner, Glebe Farm, Kings Ripton. Tel: Abbots Ripton 282.

For £140

Mrs Rayner was a very lady with a strong personality, she said, “A good horse, I’ll have it. I breed horses, and you’ve made a good job of the shape. I want it for my small grandson to learn on.” She collected the horse in a Land Rover, wearing all leather clothes and riding boots. So Sefton rode away in style!

Information about the real Sefton is here.

A quick search for the address found this very interesting lead. Glebe Farm is now a renowned producer of “a unique range of organic flours and wheat, wheat-free and gluten-free bread cake mixes”. And the person in charge is Rebecca Rayner! I’ll be contacting them soon.