Lloyd’s Handmade Rocking Horses – Introduction and Smokey (1975)


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Our Rocking Horses
All our horses are made individually – so each one is “special” with a different personality.
Each takes over 6 months to make, & the stand another month.
All our horses have leather saddles & horsehair manes and tails.
Plus Horse Blankets £5 each (extra)
“Jazzers” & Bells cost extra

“Manderley”, Limpenhoe, Norfolk
Made in 1974.
Small Grey Dappled Horse with black tail & mane, leather saddle and Harness.
Sold to Mrs Fred Salt (“Madge”) for £25.-
This horse travelled to London via carrier van.
Next step – who knows. Travelling to London via carrier van! Then again, I recall that there are some Salts on my family tree. I’ll revisit Genes Reunited.