Try To Look Cool

Friday evening straight from work, grab a sandwich, then to Kick, a cafe bar with a late license in Shoreditch. The place has a real South American feel to it, peeling paint, bright colours and football tables. These last give the bar their name. Real heavy ones too – battered aluminium goals, heavy frames, beaten-up… Continue reading Try To Look Cool

Palm OS Freeware

After my unsuccessful attempt at rescurrecting my Psion Siena from the grave by mummifying it with silver gaffer tape (this site passim), I decided to indulge in a sparkling second hand Handspring Visor. Being the skinflint I am, I wanted to populate it with as much freeware as possible, and after nearly a year of… Continue reading Palm OS Freeware

Waste Some Company Time

This is another one of those bloody 80’s lyric quizzes. Good stuff, but sadly, as is common with these things, too many of the songs were hits in the US, but anyone with any taste (ie Brits) wouldn’t recognise them for toffee. Still, it made me grin to get the Safety Dance.

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‘Husband Strip Actually Funny’ Shock

The Yobs strip in the current edition of Private Eye is actually mildly funny. If you want consistency, go to Achewood.

Look At Choo Choo

I was getting the train home the other day, waiting at Kings Cross Thameslink, watching the mice on the tracks. The train I wanted was delayed by about 20 minutes. Oh well. When it arrived, everyone squeezes on, but I manage to get a seat. We trundle off to Farringdon, then we sit there for… Continue reading Look At Choo Choo

2 Gents

On a more positive note (“La!”), I went to see my pals, the Carlton Dramatic Society, in the new adaptation of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Bollywood dances, comic interludes, a scene- and hat-stealing dog, great original music and fantastic costumes combined to make a wonderfully enjoyable evening’s entertainment. The set was innovative and flexible, and… Continue reading 2 Gents

Urban DK

Waiting to cross the road this morning, I saw that the nice silver jewellery shop by Streatham station has closed, to be replaced by – you guessed it – a pound shop! Like Streatham needs another one. It’s really depressing to think that a nice shop can’t make enough to survive in a shithole like… Continue reading Urban DK

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DVD Love Action

Been watching a few DVD’s now we’ve got the machine. I’ve got it squirting it’s noise through my amp, so I can hear director’s commentaries and alternative endings in glorious Dolby 5.1. Albeit through two rather small speakers, with books and CDs piled in front of them. But no matter!Watched Equilibrium on rental first. We… Continue reading DVD Love Action

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We Are The Goon Squad And We’re Coming To Town. Beep Beep.

Lots of reviews in this post – you may make notes if you wish. In a hungover haze last Friday, I bought a CD compilation at the stall in Euston Station (The stall is called Impulse – this is because only impulse buyers would pay their prices) of ’80’s synth hits’ called Electric. It’s on… Continue reading We Are The Goon Squad And We’re Coming To Town. Beep Beep.

Video Returned; DVD; Sadness

An earlier post skirts around my problems getting my video repaired. It has now been returned, and it appears to work. That is, it plays without making squealing noises, and the picture doesn’t have stripes all over it. Unless I have the PC on, which pumps out EM pollution like it was practising to be… Continue reading Video Returned; DVD; Sadness