On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

~ Better two months late than never, that’s what I always (have to) say. This is one of those summary-style posts that simply serve to let the folks back home know what I’ve been up to. ~  As is now tradition, Cassie and I started the Xmas season with a nice meal at LA Prime, at the top of the Hotel… Continue reading On The Cusp(id) of 2008-2009

San Francisco, October 2008 – It Was A Trip

I’ve been doing a bit of zooming around the West Coast in the last few months. Back in mid-October (yes this is one of those “about time too” posts – the Xmas 2008 post is coming soon) was a nice trip up north. Thursday night after work I scuttled through the streets to catch the Surfliner… Continue reading San Francisco, October 2008 – It Was A Trip

One-Way Ticket To LAX

~ Ancient history, from notes found on my laptop. This dates back to June 7th 2008, when I flew to the New World from my Old. ~ Waiting around in Heathrow, having cruised through bag drop, security, passport control and bought far too much duty free stuff, including the biggest bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Cassie… Continue reading One-Way Ticket To LAX

I Wear My Wartime Coat In The Wind And Sleet

My friends Brian and Stacy are away from Hollywood at the moment. They’re on their delayed honeymoon, which for them is to fly to England, retrieve their scooters from storage, and then do the things and have days. You know, ride to the Isle of Wight, Paris, the Ace Cafe (now scooter-friendly, apparently), all under… Continue reading I Wear My Wartime Coat In The Wind And Sleet

Pacific Train Thoughts

~ from notes found on my laptop, dated several weeks ago ~ Early evening, coming out of Santa Fe Depot. 3 hours away from Los Angeles. I’m on the Pacific side of the train, but I don’t know if I’ll see much of the ocean. At the moment there’s a hill in the way. The sun will… Continue reading Pacific Train Thoughts

A New Timezone

On Saturday I flew to Los Angeles International Airport, with two heavy cases and a carry on (and what a carry-on it was! oh ho!). I arrived after an uneventful flight in a comfy (and doubly expensive premium economy) seat. The thing is, I didn’t have a return ticket. That’s right, folks, I’ve finally made… Continue reading A New Timezone

A Cigar Tube At 35,000 feet

This post was written on March 26 2008 while trying to doze off on allergy pills. Warning – contains introspection, fractured sentences and fear. This is being written on my EeePC while listening to the new Sigur Ros CD in the in-flight system over the coast of Greenland, approaching Godthab. I’m in a Boeing 747-400,… Continue reading A Cigar Tube At 35,000 feet

Basic Rail Rant – First Group Must Go

Here’s a nice simple rant about the train services in and around London. I get the train from Tooting, which used to be run adequately by Thameslink, and is now run by the sick joke of the industry, First Group. Several stations on the line are still called ______ Thameslink, highlighting the stupidity of the… Continue reading Basic Rail Rant – First Group Must Go

Head In A Burrow, August 2007 – The Third Day

Saturday I needed to buy some shoes, so K and I braved the rain and crowds to sample the retail. No luck. Then we ‘caught’ as I believe the term goes, we ‘caught’ some proper theatre… The Bacchae This wasn’t on the Fringe, but was rather a proper play from the Festival at the Kings… Continue reading Head In A Burrow, August 2007 – The Third Day

LA Story – October 2007 – Sunset / Silver Lake

More reminiscences of LA from last October One day (17/Oct if you must know) I decided to take a stroll around the locale and see what kind of place Silver Lake is. I walked down Descanso, then along to Millies cafe, a friendly and quite famous diner with nice food, and outside tables perfect for… Continue reading LA Story – October 2007 – Sunset / Silver Lake