Bus Trip To Camden

Here’s a short video what I done when we were in London in February. Features: a little commentary very shaky camerawork a kaleidoscopically scratched bus window the song Grapefruit by Warm Digits, now available as a remix by a certain Justin Robertson – er, hello!

Europe Endless

Arrived in London yesterday, to find it refreshingly not as bastard freezing as Berlin, although pretty cold anyway. After getting my pay-as-you-go vouchers from Smiths (how the old habits return!) I got on the Picadilly into the city. It has to be said, for the glamour of international travel, when you land at Heathrow you’re… Continue reading Europe Endless

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All The Way Down The East Coast

Well, actually just New York City, but I couldn’t resist getting in a quote from a KLF track. Cassie and I just got back from a short trip to NYC, and I’ll be writing up the trip in a day or so. Lots of work to catch up on first. But Cassie already put her photos… Continue reading All The Way Down The East Coast

My TSA Opt-out Story

[Found this on my phone – I’d started writing it using the very good WordPress Android app, then failed to follow through – what are the chances?] I’m in Legends of San Francisco, the sports bar near our departure gate at SFO. We’re flying to Las Vegas for Xmas – Cassie’s folks are there, and… Continue reading My TSA Opt-out Story

Two-Wheel Stallions

Friend Brian, aka Zom-B, founder of the Vespastics Scooter Club and the Black Pudding Motorcycle Club, host of the Moto Zombi parties in North Hollywood, bass player with The Crazees, makeup artist, and so much more besides is off to Sturgis*. Brian and his friend Ethan left LA yesterday, and they plan to reach North Dakota… Continue reading Two-Wheel Stallions

Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

This is an updated draft itinerary for Cassie’s and my trip to the UK in 2010. Fly Sunday 27th June – DONE Arrive Monday 28th June – DONE Stay with James & Siobhan at first – DONE, LOVELY Stay in London couple of days – DONE Train to Bedford on Thursday 1st July / picked up… Continue reading Trip II The UK (2010 Mix)

Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

I came home today to find a parcel from the UK with some happily familiar handwriting on it. It turned out to be a food parcel from my good pal Fleshisgrass, whom I miss terribliy and look forward to seeing in the next couploe of months. The Teva shoe box contained some pretty exotic stuff,… Continue reading Foods From Distant Lands And Also The UK

A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

Cassie and I moved in together, at the same time moving north to San Francisco. Double whammy! Luckily, my company paid for the move, so we were able to sit back and relax as paid men boxed all our crap personal effects and loaded it onto trucks. They were amazingly quick, because they weren’t distracted… Continue reading A-Movin’ And A-Truckin’

Catalina Birthday Express, April 2009

My quest to visit every place associated with a Will Ferrell film continues. I live in San Diego (discovered by the Germans, who called it San Diago, apparently), and for Cassie’s birthday we went to Catalina, home of course to the f*ckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer. I’d never heard of the place until seeing that movie,… Continue reading Catalina Birthday Express, April 2009

Nautical Coincidence

I was helping Cassie clear out some stuff, including loads of old papers, and we found the paperwork for when she had her belongings shipped from London to Las Vegas via New York. I don’t know how much unlikely this is, or whether it is a perfectly reasonable coincidence, but her stuff was shipped London-New… Continue reading Nautical Coincidence