Taking Stock: August 2017 (Finally Published March 2018)

Another unfinished draft, finally published, with commentary from today. Making A laser-cut stencil of the Coiled Spring logo. Online laser cutting company Ponoko has a $20 introductory discount, so I whipped up a stencil of the logo and sent it off. We’ll see how it turns out. Turned out nice! Good quality plastic, clean cuts.… Continue reading Taking Stock: August 2017 (Finally Published March 2018)

Taking Stock: March 2017

Making Nice piece of artwork for the children’s nursery. Quite proud how it’s coming out. Also, working on a coding/art/music project which is challenging and educational, if not aesthetically good in an orthodox way. Cooking We have an Instant Pot, so Cassie’s trying lots of new things. I’m still making my daily sandwiches, now including… Continue reading Taking Stock: March 2017