Just Dropped Something

:dogwalker: Gordon enjoyed hiking with the black dog group today. Now he’s barking at your upstairs neighbours who just dropped something. We went to Diamond Canyon where Gordon was a very good boy 🙂

Hot In All His Fluff?

:dogwalker: Normally Gordon is out in front of the group, trumpeting his way down the trail. Today though he stayed in the back, not sure why though… Maybe he was hot in all his fluff? We hiked in Leona, Gordon was a good boy.

I Wear Gloves

:dogwalker: Gordon got to bark at 2 Shepherds today! So exciting. We hiked in Chabot, Gordon let me chase him playfully a bit, which is always fun. I wear gloves for this game…

Extra Cute

:dogwalker: Gordon has been extra cute today. Not because of anything he did, just in general. We hiked in Diamond Canyon, which was cool and shady, and a little creeky.

Sunday Two-Parter: Stoners Said Gordon Was Cute

:dogwalker: Cassie writes: Enjoy Gordon’s fresh new breath! And what lovely breath it is 🙂 I can tell people have been messing with his mouth recently, because he is extra shy/ornery about me taking a look. We had a really nice long hike in Leona Canyon today. A couple of stoners said Gordon was cute,… Continue reading Sunday Two-Parter: Stoners Said Gordon Was Cute

Fuzziest Buddies

:dogwalker: Gordon enjoyed an unexpectedly cool hike in Diamond Canyon today with 7 of his fuzziest buddies, including Olive of course. He was a good boy, inside the car and out 🙂

Fun In The Sun

:dogwalker: Gordon enjoyed hiking with 5 Lab/Lab mixes in Chabot today. I think he could tell he was different than the others, but that didn’t stop him from having fun in the sun 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Pretty Cool

:dogwalker: Gordon enjoyed a refreshingly cool hike in Diamond Canyon today. We met a big group of dogs along the way, and Gordon was pretty cool about it. He was even complimented by their walker 🙂

Splashed Vigorously

:dogwalker: Gordon did great today on his hike in Leona Canyon. He met lots of dogs of all sizes and was nice to every one 🙂 He also splashed vigorously in the creek.

Energy and Excitement

:dogwalker: Gordon had fun splashing in the creek today with the crazy black dog group. Lots of energy and excitement. He barked at this walker who doesn’t acknowledge my existence, so good boy Gordon!